Things You Want To Do Before You Die

<p>Just name some things you want to do.</p>

<p>For me:</p>

<li><p>Climb Mt. Everest</p></li>
<li><p>Hike the Appalachian mountains</p></li>
<li><p>See more of the world. I'm not talking about visiting London or Shanghai or anything but all the natural places. I want to hike as many mountains and see as many forests and caves as I can. The world just looks like such an amazing place.</p></li>

<li>Become a billionaire.</li>

<li>Become a billionaire.</li>
<li>Have sex</li>
<li>Have a child</li>
<li>Solve at least Clay Millionaire Problem if they're not all solved.</li>
<li>Achieve my goal of increasing understanding in the world.</li>

<p>Break all power level records in world of warcraft.</p>

<li> Take a road trip criss-crossing the entire mainland U.S.</li>

<li>Spend a month in Italy. As of now, my girlfriend and I are looking into this as a senior trip next summer. Her grandmother always takes her grandchildren on an "educational" vacation to a country of his or her choosing, and we both want Italy. Roman Empire, Renaissance, the Alps. Italy is the ****.</li>

<p>Also, hell yes to getting laid in Florence.</p>

<li>Retire and spend my late years as an amateur photographer who travels the world.</li>

<p>^ Damn Straight. </p>

<p>That's an addition to mine: Go back to my birthplace in Italy.</p>

<p>Might visit the oral sex capital of the world, Bologna.</p>

<p>-join the peace corps
-fall deeply in love, helplessly and unconditionally.
-be someone's mentor
-have sex on a (private) beach
-have a meaningful conversation with a beggar
-kiss in the rain
-have a memorable college experience</p>

<p>have a baby, adopt a kid, jump out of a plane, be an imagineer</p>

<li>Visit every continent at least once! I only have 5 left because I went to Europe (France) a couple weeks ago and I live in North America.</li>
<li>Go skydiving! It looks like fun.</li>
<li>Go bungee jumping! Ditto.</li>
<li>Visit a concentration camp. I'm not Jewish but I really want to visit one.</li>

<p>I want to visit Australia and the Galapagos pretty bad. The outback and the Great Barrier Reef seem so interesting. Also, deep sea diving and sky diving would be tight as heck, and the Peace Corps would be pretty cool.</p>

<p>@Philsophydude: I loled at yours.</p>

<p>Not get pushed out of a tree</p>

<p>Succeed the state of Texas and become dictator.</p>



<p>use heroin.</p>

Might visit the oral sex capital of the world, Bologna.


I find it funny that a place in Italy that is also smelly, processed meat is the oral sex capital of the world.</p>

<p>Get my IB diploma
Publish a novel
Act in a professional production
Play E.K. Hornbeck in Inherit the Wind
Own a piece of Seth Aaron Henderson's clothing (most recent winner of Project Runway for those who don't know)
Go to a college I like
Get a job I like
Figure out what the hell I actually want to do with my life</p>

<p>^ I could actually die very indifferent to IB just doesn't matter a damn after mid senior year.</p>

<p>I wanna catch a murderer, just all bad ass like.</p>

<p>have sex with all the hot girls on the planet</p>

<p>^^ Lol who doesn't?</p>