THINK Global School more selective than HADES?

<p>I was looking on toay and i came across a school called THINK i apparently has a 10 percent acceptance rate and the tuition is more than 80,000 dollars a year. I guess im order to get into this school your going to have to THINK global eh?</p>

<p>here is the link to the school on boarding review THINK</a> Global School - San Francisco, California/CA - Boarding School Profile</p>

<p>well there are only 15 students</p>

<p>15x10 = 150 applicants</p>

<p>The school's students have lived and studied in 12 countires by the time they graduate and the endowment is 10 million. Honestly, I think I am more keen on Exeter.</p>

<p>Oh my god, I would KILL to got there! I've never heard of it, but I wish I would have applied.</p>

<p>Traveling the world is #1 on my list of goals. Honestly.</p>

<p>it looks kinda phony if you ask me....</p>

<p>What do you mean, answerbag? Like a scam?</p>

<p>I like traveling, but with $88,000 I could do other things.</p>

<p>it looks fruity to me</p>

<p>I've been looking at the website, and I want to go SO BAD. There's no way we could afford $88,000 a year (45 is a major stretch), but WOW. </p>

<p>But, I suppose there's plenty of time for traveling after school. And I would really miss the traditional high school setting.</p>

<p>it says that most of the FA that they offer are 50,000-60,000 so you would actualy only have to pay like 38,000. is that 88,000 a year?? it says 88,000 on review but i duno if thats for one or 4 years</p>

<p>Most likely for the year. I couldn't imagine traveling the world with highly qualified teachers (as it says on the website) for only 22,000. But they have a 10 million endownment and only fifteen students, so maybe....</p>

<p>Its 88k anually. I've been emailing the head of school.</p>

<p>I would LOVE to go there. I looked into it earlier, but I have dietary issues that they couldn't deal with :(</p>

<p>If you don't mind, could you elaborate, SalmonBerry? </p>

<p>And I'm applying. I know, I know, its never going to happen. And I still don't know if I can give up Blair for this. But why not?</p>

<p>I looked into it earlier this year when I was more looking at student exchanges, but I got diagnosed with Celiac (no wheat, barley, rye and most oats) which kinda limits everything :( They couldn't guarantee my food would be safe at all times.</p>

<p>Oh, I see. That sucks! I babysit a little boy who has Celiac (along with several other allergies) and its really hard for that family to find safe food for him.</p>

<p>I was thinking something along the lines of vegetarianism, and I was like "that's REALLY strict!"</p>

<p>I once talked to the head of school, and he said that admission is competitive because not everyone are suited and can benefit from this kind of education. Also, the tuition is expensive while the school budget is limited, therefore not all qualified students are admitted.</p>

<p>According to their website, they haven't opened their doors yet. I can't find a staff listing. $10 million sounds like a lot of money, but they have very ambitious plans. </p>

<p>Traveling the world sounds wonderful, but many adults don't find it appealing on a long-term basis. Who will agree to teach with this team? Will it be a succession of teachers on sabbatical from other institutions? What guarantees does one have that this school will survive past the founder's child's high school career?</p>

<p>I also can't find a listing of an accrediting authority. Perhaps they can't be accredited until they open their doors, hire staff, and have a set curriculum. I am very wary of a school with no set address, no outside educational audits, and no track record.</p>

<p>I'm also taken aback by the answer to this question on their website, "Will teachers fly to all the TGS cities with the students?"

No. As mentioned previously, families are responsible for the punctual, safe and sound arrival of their children to each TGS location throughout the academic year. However, we can arrange for airline staff to accompany students during the entire flight and these staff will only release students to an authorized TGS staff member.


<p>For $88,000, the school won't take charge of midyear transfers from Santiago to Kuala Lumpur? From one school campus to another school campus? The parents may pay $88,000, and have the pleasure of learning about arranging international travel from afar? This is not a joke?</p>

<p>I was initially intrigued by the idea and my daughter went gaga for it.</p>

<p>Until we realized they are new - haven't been tested - and links on their website are sketchy about details. They are taking applications now but provide no details on source of funding, partnerships, teaching staff.</p>

<p>I think it is a mistake for them to be listed on ranking sites like Boarding School Review. </p>

<p>And given the veracity of many parents to give their children the best - it could be fraudulent. </p>

<p>I say - Caveat Emptor - until proven otherwise. This is our minor children we would be entrusting into the hands of strangers.</p>

<p>I agree with the above post. It looks really cool, but they have next to no details about how they are running this, the specifics of life at the school. It looks rather sketchy. I'd say wait until they are on their feet.</p>