Thinking of the Unified Trekkers

<p>It was about a year ago today that I started my cross country audition expedition with my daughter. From Hawaii to OCU to Chicago to LA and back home again. It brings back some very fond memories. Enjoy this experience because in a year you won't believe how much the world changes!! Break a leg all you CCers (students and parents alike) and I anticipate watching the awesome results come rolling in!</p>

<p>Well said, alibabba! I've been thinking of those Unified goers all week, and wishing them well! I think we were at Chicago together, with MTCA? Where did your daughter end up? Those were exciting times. And altho I always wished we had been a couple of years earlier when it wasn't so crowded and confusing, I think the kids now and in the future are even going to have more of a challenge. But, at least, we parents can help them try to follow their dreams! </p>

<p>Best wishes to all CC'ers this week and in the coming few months! We kept hearing it, didn't believe it, and now know it's true, you will end up where you are supposed to be! Enjoy the exciting times getting there!</p>

<p>Yes Christie2 we were in Chicago - watching the Superbowl and just generally hanging out in the "suite" with MTCA! My daughter ended up at the University of Northern Colorado and could not be happier - just as you - and many others - have said - truly everyone will end up where they are supposed to be. I know your daughter is at Steinhardt and it sounds wonderful.</p>

<p>You two lovely ladies . . . funny enough, I was thinking of you both yesterday and the crazy weather you had on your journey last year at this time. alibabba, I even mentioned to someone at OCU the lengths that you and your D went to to get to OKC! We feel so fortunate to not have to deal with blizzards and airport closures! </p>

<p>Thanks to you both for sharing your knowledge this past year!</p>

<p>I am an MTCA mom as well. However we only did the NYC Unifieds exactly a year ago! Amazing what can happen in a year! My D is at Syracuse for MT and loving it! I wish all the students the best over the next few weekends!! And NO snow!</p>

<p>Break legs to all the fabulous CCers going through spring auditions! And to the parents, hang in there and thank you for supporting your kids on this incredible journey!</p>

<p>Another MTCA Mom here with fond memories of cold and blustery Chicago Unifieds! Glad to know your talented kids are enjoying their college mt programs. Mine couldn't be happier at NYU. It sure was a wild ride there for a few months but it is so true that they end where they belong! Still miss Ellen and the whole MTCA team. We had such a blast in wishes to the MT Class of 2016. You will rock it at your auditions!!!!</p>

<p>We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, hope its a good experience! We're finishing the school musical tonight and heading out to chicago tomorrow.</p>

<p>I kinda miss the energy of the NYC Unifieds... embrace it class of 2016! What a difference a year makes! BTW also an MTCA mom!!</p>

<p>Thanks!!! I leave thursday for LA unifieds!!!!</p>

<p>We arrived in Chicago this morning and it's so exciting! Many of the schools are starting to set up their "stations" and there are kids and their parents all over the hotel and the surrounding streets! There's a buzz of excitement everywhere you look. What a memorable experience this will be! To those who suggested that we book a room on the Executive floor of the Palmer House, THANK YOU! It's just lovely here and so nice to have access to all the bottled water, snacks, soft drinks and a place to hang out outside our room!</p>

<p>Thinking of all of you this week at Unifieds. Two years ago my D and I were in LA for her auditions and it was a wonderful experience that we both have great memories from. Break a leg to all those auditioning!</p>

<p>I hope everyone makes a lot of fantastic memories, and we look forward to hearing about all of the great places this years' crop of MTs land!</p>