This is actually important...

So, like everyone else, I am waiting to hear if I get into UCSB or not. I used to be fairly confident I would get in, but with the budget cuts now I'm not so sure. (4.1 UC gpa, 32 ACT)
It's hard to ask a question like this when I do not even know if I will be admitted or not, but I hope some people will answer anyway.</p>

<p>do you think ucsb is a good school for students with low self esteem? I go to a very "pretty" high school, and while i loved ucsb and how it's on the beach and everything, I'm nervous it would feel too much like my high school. I have always been very self conscious (5 ft 115 lbs), and have even had some eating issues. I know there is no "right" answer to this question, but i would appreciate as many responses as possible. I am so excited to get away from my high school, where everyone looks like a model, but I dont want to leave to go to a school that will be so similar.</p>

<p>I hope your image issues can be resolved in the coming years.</p>

<p>At UCSB, I have to admit, it may be fairly easy for a girl to become self-conscious. But like you said, there is no right or wrong answer and it is all a matter of perspective. Most of the girls I know have never voiced any concern about image issues and the ones that do don't let it bother them too much. I think if you have image issues, you will find problems with virtually any campus you go to. UCSB, though, is a very tolerant campus and I would hope that, if you did come here, you'd do fine.</p>

<p>im really sorry to hear about your issue girl, youre not alone no worries. but no matter where you go - how you view yourself comes from inside and your own integrity. despite how people may act or seem or look around you - you need to know and have the confidence that you ARE beautiful - which will shine through and people will notice. everyone can say the, "oh dont worry about what other people think"... but hey, its human nature right? its tough to be around people who YOU view as pretty and cause you to worry about how you look in comparison, but in reality... the only person who really notices these details is yourself. the other girls around you often have warped perceptions because they are in the same situation, so anything they say is usually a projection of themselves. if you feel good about yourself and can catch a glimpse of your own inner beauty, then that ALONE will draw people to you. honestly, anyone who tries to say ***** about your appearance is just pathetic - why would they care? it makes them look bad to other people too. but anyways, ive wondered similar things about how the atmosphere is at UCSB since it is on the beach and in SoCal (im from the east coast)... but if you are happy with yourself, it will already put you miles ahead of many of the other girls around you. it can be hard if one isnt reminded of ones beauty often - but what other people say (or dont say) doesnt change what you look like or who you are. youre opinion is just as important as theirs - so try and give yourself a break okay? :)</p>

<p>if anything... you can at least start looking forward to some hot boys on the beach! hahaha ive heard ucsb is really chill though and the people are friendly - hopefully things will be better than your old school. but please take what i said to heart though, because its so so true!</p>

<p>I am answering this from the perspective of a mom.</p>

<p>Girls who have issues with self esteem will have those issues whether they go to a school with "pretty" girls or not. You can feel insecure no matter what environment you're in. The thing you should realize is that everyone has something they feel insecure about. You should spend time concentrating on positive things and not indulging in wondering if you're as pretty/smart/skinny/etc as everyone else. There will be so much to do in college. You'll have classes and studying, possibly working, and there are lots of clubs, activities, volunteering, and lots of outdoor recreation too in Santa Barbara. Focus on staying busy, helping others, getting good grades, and improving yourself from the inside out. The more you step outside of yourself to help others with their needs, the less time you will spend worrying about not measuring up to everyone else. So if you have time once you are done with your schoolwork and other activities then think about volunteering in the area or at your school...I think you'll find it very rewarding.</p>

<p>Good luck hon and I hope you do get into UCSB!

<p>Thanks everyone so much for their responses, and if you have any more input i would love to hear it. I know that no matter where I go my problems may follow me, but I guess I'm just trying to gauge if I could handle a school with so many "hott girls."
You are all right, though...I have to feel good about myself regardless of where I go in order to see the changes I am hoping to see. Thanks for everyone's support!
Feel free to PM me</p>

<p>Personally I believe that wherever you go, you're gonna find people who dont like you or like you :). It just matters if you're able to avoid them and get over bad things they say to you(if they do) :). I do believe college life is gonna be much better than high school life with less groups/cliques and people tend to be more accepting :).</p>

<p>shibykins right - college is fun and its all about doing your own thing and spending time with people who make you happy. it will all work out :)</p>

<p>Thanks everyone so much...everything you say helps. While this may seem like common sense to some people, its one of those things you just need to keep hearing in order to understand.</p>

<p>hehe lets first hope we get in first before we worry about these stuff for this school :)</p>

<p>agreed!!! I'm freaking out I'm going to be a mess tomorrow.</p>

<p>ur stats r fine :). its above the avg gpa and i think 32 act beats an 1870 or this year i heard its 1911 o.o?</p>

<p>are you guys both in-state? im going to need a miracle for OOS tomorrow.. because despite all my stats being pretty good the UCs are not a huge fan of me so far... haha :(</p>

<p>@ raaaaaayyyyyyyyyy (cuz I'm too lazy to count the specific number of A's and Y's lol)</p>

<p>Don't worry!! I was the most self-conscious, inhibited person in high school (but when I was around my friends, I was fine).
I'm gonna be a junior transfer, and all I have to say is: You'll be surprised how much you start to change your first year (first semester even!) I am now a loud mouth, obnoxious whatever because I don't take people's crap anymore and I think being exposed to people that are "pretty" and "model perfect" and whatnot (and people that make me think 3X about who I am ,etc). has caused me to become stronger. It's tough sometimes, but don't worry. You'll find your niche :) !! Oh, and even if people come off as not being insecure, I can guarantee you (Because I'm talked to many people across the spectrum): EVERYBODYYYY, to some degree, is insecure. It's like some sort of inherent trait we have.<br>
Good luck tomorrow</p>

<p>I know this topic is going in a different direction now, but I just wanted to say that I don't think you have too much to worry about. I'm just a transferring from a community college so I don't know if this means much, but I believe that the self esteem issues that people have in high school are way more intense than any that you'll have at a university. You shouldn't have trouble surrounding yourself with people who make you happy, which is what is most important. I believe that once you're really happy you'll start seeing yourself in a different light. Almost everybody focuses on all the negatives about themselves instead of the positives. They're usually a lot better looking than they think, and I'm sure it's the same in your case. And I wouldn't worry too much about people bringing you down about your appearance at SB. If they do then we can go throw eggs at them...or something along those lines :D</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm really hoping for a COMPLETELY new I guess I'm just trying to figure out if sb would provide me with that. thanks for all the help!
the next actually getting IN to the school..which i am panicking about haha.
statistically I should get in...but...getting rejected for ucla and ucsd kinda shook me up a little (not that I ever expected to get in..i just thought they would notify after sb/davis).</p>

<p>i will say that ucsb has a lot of eye candy and that A LOT of people are active and try to stay fit one way or another.</p>

<p>but maybe that's exactly what you need.</p>

<p>hahah everyone needs some good eye candy</p>

<p>@ray - i got rejected from ucla and ucsd too - but im pretty sure the way ucsb reviews the apps is different than both of them... hopefully that will be in our favor :)</p>

<p>I'm answering as a Mom also (my daughter and I post under the same name): My D says she is going to "re-invent" herself in college. So, forget how you felt in high school -- whatever labels people put on you or you put on yourself. It's a chance to start over, so wherever you go, value the person who you are -- love yourself and love whatever campus you land on! (We are waiting on UCSB also -- good luck!)</p>

<p>screamer, how very true.</p>

<p>Many kids, specially the more nerdy ones, mature in College and take a new form. They thrive on being around other kids with similar interests and abilities.</p>

<p>I suggest the OP take a look at When</a> To Seek Help and also at the group counseling options. Most colleges, wherever she ends up going, will have similar counseling services. </p>

<p>I also think the OP ought to visit UCSB and her other options while classes are in session and just walk around. See for yourself if UCSB triggers insecurity more than the other colleges. I do think that many people choose UCSB for the beach & outdoor lifestyle, for what its worth.</p>