THis is for people who have great debate teams in school and participate in one

<p>How is your debate club structured?
As in, do you break your team to focus on LD, public forum, and policy debates? How does a typical debate club meeting function for you guys?</p>

<p>I am the President of my Debate team (the Debate and Forensics teams consolidated like 10 years ago at my school, so it's all under "Debate" now). We have two classes. I teach one, as President, and the VP and a few other competent varsity members teach the other (this VP does only IE events, so there have to be debaters helping out). The teacher is the "coach" and the varsity students teach the novice students. It was really structured my novice year, with a President in one class of all novice, and a VP in a mixed class of novice and varsity, but the coach decided to do away with officer positions for two years, so, as a sophomore, I helped teach one class, then didn't even take the class last year. Finally, that system failed enough that all is back to the way it should be.</p>

<p>There are no official separations between people who do different events, but public forum is the most popular of the three you mentioned for my team (Congress is the most possible overall, where we do the best), and few people (besides me) do all of the debate events. My partner (and girlfriend, haha) is now at a different school and founding her own team, though, so I'll be focusing on Congress and LD (there's no one else who would make a good enough partner).</p>

<p>As for meetings, and class in general, the President presides with a gavel, sets an agenda, keeps things on point, et cetera.</p>

<p>^i see thank you! I founded my own team as well. We need to do a couple of fundraisers to help us raise money for competitions + bus fares.</p>

<p>For four months straight, we just practiced debating; all of our topics were geared toward public forum.
But at the start of this year, I want to make the team competitive enough for competiitons.
Can you please PM me or talk on AIM to help me out a bit? Not the debating part but the technalities of registration, etc.</p>

<p>I didn't found my own team, and wouldn't know much about registration. However, you should email the National Forensics League (in fact, they have all the info you need on their website), to register with them, then find the local league(s) in your area, and register there. Registration costs money, for a team, then for people for the NFL, so you'll need to charge membership fees. Feel free to PM me for any more, and I'll get back to you when I can (I'm online sporadically).</p>

<p>^hey i PMed you</p>

<p>And I just replied with a crazy long debate tutorial PM.</p>