This Is Us. Anyone watching?

Isn’t it cool that Kevin eventually became a big fan and supporter of his mom, after so many hard years? Ditto for Kate. Somehow Randall seemed to always be close.

The helpful thing for the Pearsons was financial security… this kind of situation can be so much harder when money is tight. The tough thing is the geographic logistical challenges. I can relate to that.


*You will not make your lives smaller than me. This thing that is happening”

I so Agree CCC4, Kevin isnt making his life “smaller”,he’s in fact, making it larger, by providing the care for his mother.

Seems like each of the Big Three, are finding resolutions in their lives.
Kevin, stated he felt he was the troublemaker, lot of anger and issues, his way to pay back. Redemption. His big move to care for his mother.

Randall, always intense, carrying the burden feeling the responsibility, he is being released via Kate’s decision, to move ahead. Randall is unchained, free, to live for his big move.Politics.

Kate, finally, always daddy’s girl, she realizes she is loved by Rebecca, that very complicated mother- daughter bond is a actualized, and the balance of power within the big three shifted. Kate’s big move, self confidence and being loved.

The impactful scene when Kate directs the boys to “ see, feel, touch their mother for who she is as she is ravaged by dementia was so spot on.
Often, daughters do those intimate things, combing hair, applying lotion, dealing with grooming, helping with toileting and bathing, very personal things. That scene spoke volumes, so authentic.

One thing I found surprising, was that Randall proposed having Rebecca move to Philadelphia, before he actually spoke to Beth. I was surprised at that dynamic.


I think the idea is that Randall and Beth have that sixth sense many couples in strong, long-term marriages have. She had predicted that he would want her to move in. He would know on some level that she would support it. Just my take on it.


Tonight!!! SECOND TO THE LAST EPISODE!!! (runs to the store for more boxes of Kleenex…) :frowning:

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Good luck to everyone watching tonight. Hold on. :slight_smile:

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My husband said he’s so excited! (because it means it’s almost over and he won’t have to hear about it any longer - I told him he’d better be nice or I will rewatch the entire series!)


Was everyone Googling the ingredients for a Vesper??


THe guy guiding her in the train? Was that Randall’s dad?

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I am just glad my husband was working tonight and I didn’t have to watch with him. I was able to cry freely!

@jym626 yes, that was William.


I was prepared for the worst, but all I can say is “That was beautiful.”


Well, that was pretty legendary. :heart:

The train concept was….something else.

I think I need to watch it again - I was a little confused on the timing of when they were all saying goodbye but also were in the living area listening to the music - the mood seemed pretty light for what was happening???

Kind of interesting that Kate just barely makes it in the episode. Will there be a big reason she was in London?

The story of Marcus - omg, the man Jack last talks to! I was so confused at first about that family!

I have to say, not meaning to make it personal, but tomorrow is 6 months anniversary of my mom dying and those last moments felt so very personally and painfully and sweetly close. I think for anyone who has been with a loved one passing. :heart:


ALSO, the hour went so very fast! I wish it had been two hours!

Beth’s time with her broke me. She will take care of Randall from here on out. :sob:


Was I the only one thinking Deja was married to Marcus for the first half of the show?


I think Marcus is Deja’s current boyfriend. The man talking to Jack was Marcus’ father, not Marcus.

Kate was presenting her curriculum at a conference in London.

But Malik? It’s clearly his baby.

I agree with Toledo that I thought it was Marcus.

I don’t think they’d have Deja two timing at the end!

Yes I know it was Marcus father - but that is still
Part of Marcus’s story - Marcus was saved that night and Jack wasn’t.

We saw Malik later in the show. I believe Marcus’s significance in the show was that he found the cure for Alzheimers. Unfortunately it was too late for Rebecca.


Yes, Marcus has nothing to do with Deja. It was a purposeful misdirect.


Yes, Malik seems back with Deja. Sorry for the confusion.

No, you were not!