Thoughts on iphone 12 mini?

I have really loved my old 2016/SE iphone. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket, and the battery life has been great (until recently - now it has rapid and erratic discharge). There is a new/2020 SE ($399). But so far I lean toward the 12 mini ($699)… anybody have one?

I’m not a fan of the 12 mini (my sister has it, not me). The battery life is not great and the video calibration is awful. Also, Apple has stated that they will stop the production of iPhone 12 Mini.
Despite the cons, it’s a great phone but it’s just not worth the price (it costs $900 in India).
I’m biased against smaller phones simply because it’s harder for me to text and play video games on them but it looks like you prefer smaller phones.
If you can get it for $700 before trade-in then I’d go for it!

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I’m actually going to get the 12SE. It will serve my needs well, and is way less costly.


I like that the new SE still has the home button with fingerprint id. (12 mini has face recognition, which might be just as good once covid/masks done and I get used to it). The SE size is only a little bit bigger, and I have not ruled it out. SE lacks 5G, but there’s not much 5G around us.

If SE had better battery life, I’d be leaning toward it due to price. Reviewers complain about SE battery (and sometimes 12mini too… especially folks accustomed to larger phones). I use my cellphone a lot, sometimes out on the running trail using podcast, MapMyRun and Google map Locator (for husband’s peace of mind). With my 2016/SE, I can leave the house even on half power without much concern.

For other folks comparing iphone 12 mini vs SE (2020), this was a helpful review

Note: I am still researching the battery factor

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I have one. I jumped on it because I don’t like the big phones. I moved up from a 6 so maybe that changes my opinion but I think the battery life of the 12 mini is just fine! Much of the work day it just sits but evenings I do play games, talk to the DDs for hours, etc. and it generally lasts 2 days.

Thought I wouldn’t like not having a home button, but it’s been fine to just “raise to wake” and slide.

For me as just a person who wants to talk, text, play a few games, and take a few pics it’s been great! Fits in pockets well.

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Why are they going to stop producing the 12 mini?

I’m in for the 12SE. I don’t want a larger phone.


My kids both preferred the 2nd gen SE to replace their 6.

Various analysts have suggested a production halt on the Mini, given inventory backlog. There has been no indication of a stop in marketing or sales, and they can always ramp back up when needed.

I’ve seen no statement from Apple on this. They rarely, if ever, comment on production topics.

This is similar to many car makers closing production lines due to COVID slowdowns/backlogs. It doesn’t translate to a discontinuation.

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My D had a expensive IPhone, I’m not sure what model it was but it was $800. She dropped it and it was not repairable. Her employer offer to replace it but my D felt bad that it was her fault the phone broke. She uses her phone for work and her employer had paid for the first one. She didn’t buy insurance. She didn’t want to spend the money on what she had so bought the 12SE. She loved the price but otherwise she doesn’t love the phone. She finds the battery life an issue.
I’m still using a 6 which I’m happy with. I dread having to learn a new phone so I’m hoping mine continues to work.

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I love my mini. I don’t do a lot of reading or typing on it (that’s what my IPad is for), and this size is small enough to be comfortable in my pocket. Features are great.

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The 2nd gen SE (no such thing as a 12SE) would be a perfect replacement for a 6 (or 6s,7) . It’s basically a 6/7/8 with improved internals.

Support for the 6 ended with iOS12, so the few changes with 13 and 14 would be new. But for the most part, all you’d notice is that it’s much, much faster.

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I have one and love it. Verizon gave me $699 for my 3 year old iPhone X, so it was free. Love the size. no issues with battery yet, charge it every other day.

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I’m running IOS 14.4 on my 6 SE.

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How do you know which version SE? (I was gifted mine as a hand-me-down). When I checked the phone stats, it just says SE and running IOS 14.4. I LOVE the smaller size, and haven’t had any issues with battery life, but I don’t use it for much more than phone & text.

The new SE came out in late 2020. If you got it as a hand me down and it’s older than that…it’s the first one.

There’s no such thing as a 6 SE. There was the iPhone 6 (2014), the 6s (2015), the original SE, based on the 5 chassis (2016), and a 2nd generation SE, based on the 8 chassis (2020). Support for the 6 ended with iOS12. Others are still supported under iOS14.

(I suspect the original SE and 6s won’t be supported under iOS15)

I have the first SE. It has IOS 14.4 on it and is still fully supported although I don’t expect that to last much longer.

The original has a 4” screen from the iPhone 5. The 2nd gen has the 4.7” screen from the 8. It came out Spring 2020, so if you had it before then, it’s the original.

You can also check the model number on the back. A1662/A1723 are the original, A2275 is the 2nd gen.

My husband and daughter upgraded from their 2016 SE(s) to iPhone12 mini(s) and they love them. I couldn’t go that small so I have the regular iPhone 12.

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I was trying to decide between the iPhone 12 mini and SE and looked at both at the store. I ended up buying the Mini for the 5G compatibility. I know a few people to bought the SE because their neighborhood does not have 5G. Also the Mini has a bigger screen than the SE. That’s because the Mini’s screen goes edge to edge.

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For others doing research and encountering this thread, this 15 min comparison video of 12 mini vs SE (2020) is interesting - iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE Full Comparison - YouTube

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