Thoughts on iphone 12 mini?

“‘As things stand, the latter has failed to make a mark and now the company is planning to entirely stop iPhone 12 Mini production,’ according to JP Morgan supply chain analyst William Yang.”
I’m not entirely sure why, sorry!

This article blames “extremely weak demand” for 12mini …
That is understandable. I could easily afford 12mini or the new SE, but I still hesitate because some of 12mini advantages (like better camera) are not useful to me.

My old SE-2016 is no longer having the wonky battery discharge issue. That takes the pressure off decision for replacement. But we have a long cross country trip planned for May… and not sure I’ll trust it for that.

I started an experiment last night using my husband’s larger iphone. I love the pocket sized phones, but in theory it is less necessary now (I am retired from my job that had offshift cellphone “pager” alerts and also my elderly local mother who had me set up for emergency/pendant contact has passed away). Perhaps a refurbished larger iphone could be an option.

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DH went from old 6S to the new SE. he did not want the 12 because he much prefers the thumb vs facial recognition for operating phone. Rumors had been that the 12s would have both but they do not.

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I got the 12mini on promotion-- basically free-- right before the end of the year. I love the tiny size. It may not be a great as the regular 12 and 12 pro but it is definitely perfect for my needs!!


My old/2016 SE battery has been behaving much better the past week. I feel like t’s not as stellar as prior to the craziness on my ski day, but it gives me more time to ponder next steps.

The cold will make the battery discharge. So if the phone was having problems on a day that you were out in the cold all day, that makes sense.

I put my phone in a spot next to my body where it stays warm.

my 15 year old just got the mini and loves it. He did not want a big phone.

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Yea, I think the cold was likely a factor. But… while skiing it was in an inside pocket of my down coat, better insulated from cold than when I’ve run without issue at same temp (30s) with apps running.

Charge went from 45% to 7% in about an hour … then quickly to zero when I texted. I now think my SE was probably on, even though I had intended it off (charge had not worked prior night, I assume due to motel outlet issue, so I thought I had turned it off ). If it was really on it might have tried endlessly to connect with the resort wireless(?).

It’s also possible that the battery just has some kind of intermittent wonkiness from the time I dropped it outside in the cold a few weeks ago. It went into some kind of emergency batter shutdown but was ok later.

Thanks - glad to have some 12 mini feedback. He’s a teen … so I am assuming he uses it a lot, gives the battery a good workout - true?

yes he uses it a lot and hasn’t had any trouble with the battery. Has only had it a few weeks.

This iphone compare site is helpful (you can specify any 3 models, including old ones like my 2016 1st generation SE)

Yesterday we stopped by Verizon so I could take a look at an iphone 12 mini in person. It seemed there would not be much of a crowd due to snow, but the Verizon rep that came outside said 30 minute wait. I told him that I was not yet ready to buy, just wanted to hold on in my hand. Surprisingly he said not possible … during Covid that Verizon store (or maybe all of the Verizon stores?) removed all display models. He suggested visiting Best Buy or Sams. I popped into Sams since nearby - there were iphones on display, but they were bolted to the display stand.

We went back to the Verizon store, and I actually went into Verizon to see both of the small options I am considering - iphone 12 mini & iphone SE (2020). They had power and allowed user interaction with panels etc, but they had to stay in the mounting. That meant no ability to hold in the hand, put in the pocket.

I did like the 12-mini better, even though the beloved “button” is gone (it uses facial recognition). It is a little smaller but has more display space. My husband is highly encouraging the newer technology of 12-mini, but I am still deciding whether it is worth the extra money. Just this week a friend ordered the SE, so I will defer decision til I get some feedback from her.

Anybody have the iphone 11 - my daughter is looking to upgrade from her 7plus (which she loved) and it seems like the 11 is a good match.

I opted for the 12mini, and it arrived the other day. (I had to have it shipped because Verizon store did not have the one I wanted, 128GB / green.) There was a pretty nice method for transferring data/apps from my old SE (2016) to the 12mini. The main work was making enough space on the old phone to enable the prereq code update.

I do like the 12mini and was surprised to rarely miss the home button. A friend recently upgraded to the new SE (2020), and she really likes it too. The SE is less expensive and a better value … I would have been happy with it if my husband had not been so encouraging about getting the newer technology (and the larger, more impact resistant screen) with 12mini.

Tomorrow we will go to Verizon for some accessories needed for 12mini and the ipad/LTD that I bought for my Dad (there is a $250 incentive this month).

what is the method to transfer the data? Can you do it at home? Using Cloud or iTune?

Our Verizon store no longer handles customer data transfer, so we had to do it at home. That worked out OK since my choice was out of stock, and they had to ship it.

My husband kindly did the data transfer. (I am capable but tend to be a Nervous Nellie. He charged right in,not feeling compelled to vies any Help videos first). He used Cloud method.

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As long as the phone is backed up, transferring data has been easy to do. That’s for apple products and that’s been my experience.

Back up the phone, remember your Apple ID and password.

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At the Verizon store, the rep did check my phone (to verify backed up to Cloud, I think).

I think our process was like described in Quick Start

It was fantastic that all my apps/data transferred so nicely.

You’re talking about iPhone to iPhone, right? Between me and other family members, we’ve had quite a few transfers to new iPhones and it’s never even been anything we had to think about. Just make sure your backups are working - for me it was automatically backing up to icloud every day and it wasn’t anything I ever had to set up. In the olden days, we were buying or leasing new phones from our cell providers, and we picked them up in the stores and they made sure everything was set up. Recently, we’ve realized it works much better for us to buy directly from Apple. We needed to provide some details about our service provider when we ordered the phone, and when it arrived there was a set of steps to follow to get it set up. I can’t remember any problems or issues.

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