Thoughts on iphone 12 mini?

My understanding is that the new option of quick start goes iphone to iphone - without the cloud and is faster and copies more things than the other older options.

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After a week, I’m liking my iphone 12-mini. So far I like it a lot. It seems to fit in most pockets as did my old SE.

I got the screen protector and a case for protection. The case does make it a little hard for me to depress the right Side button. I find it works best to hold with my left had and wrap my fingers around back to access the right side.

This thread had convinced to to get the iPhone mini 12 in green - I am very comfortable with the size of my 6S and it’s almost the same size. But it seems like one needs a lot of accessories! Fortunately my new computer has a USC-C port; that’s what you need to charge it, correct? I’ll probably just get a clear case on Amazon like I have now; I keep it in a slide in eyeglass case in my purse when out. And perhaps wait on ear buds until there’s a sale? I seldom use earbuds now.

My poor old 6S has only 16 GB and I’m always bumping up against the limit and can’t upgrade the IOS. So I’d get the 128GB; don’t intend to make movies or anything so shouldn’t need 256. I also really like the look of the camera!

I’d order delivered to the local Apple store and let them help me transfer everything over. For $700, they should be happy to take the time.

Hope you like the new phone! I keep phone for a long time so als also opted for 128GB, even though 64GB probably would be enough. Just decided I’d rather pay the $50 now than regret it later.

I was able to reuse the lightening cable from my old iphone SE (which I also use to charge my ipad). I like using wired earbuds for running, so I had to buy a $12 adapter to plug audio cable into lightening connection. But many people prefer wireless earbuds, which can be pricey.

Oh, an earbud adapter for my old wired earbuds would be fine; didn’t realize I could just do that. I’m going to order over the weekend and pick up at the Apple store on Monday or Tuesday.

You can get a good 2 in 1 adapter on Amazon that will let you charge and listen at the same time. It’s a little more convenient.

I think this is what I bought to enable use of old wired earbuds

I opted to not do mag charge at this time.

Note to Verizon customers: Plan to buy your accessories at same time, to get bundle deal (3 items for 30% discount, Or 4 - 35% discount, 5 - 40% discount). Cheap stuff like my above adapter do not count. But screen protectors and most chargers do. In our case we were also getting ipad/LTE for my father and got 30% discount (screen protector & new/faster charger for our kitchen & ipad keyboard-case). It would have been a good time to get mag charger too, but in our charging locations I prefer using the lightening cable.

12mini Battery - Excellent. Some nights I don’t bother to charge it.

Example day: I’ve used my 12mini a lot over the past 12 hours (though I do Facebook & CC & a lot of my email work from my chromebook). On the 12mini I did email, text, weather checks, almost an hour out on the trail (using MapMyRun, Podcast, 3 hour Google locator), MyNetDiary, alarm, etc. It is still at 77% power.

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Good news on the battery! Ordered mine today; will be delivered Monday. I learned that they are no longer doing phone-to-phone transfers in the Apple stores (don’t want people hanging around that long) so I’ll just do it from home. The guy on the phone did say if the store wasn’t busy they sometimes help. I was tempted to go in and play dithering clueless senior lady (like Miss Marple) but figured I’d use some phrase like device-to-device migration and give myself away.

The purchase process set up my phone number to be moved to the new phone when I start. :crossed_fingers: It sounds like I should be able to use Quick Start.

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Lol, I’ve never been in an Apple Store that wasn’t super busy!

I’ve transferred my iPhone over a couple of times, it’s super easy. That’s what I love about apple products, they are so seamless.

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Congrats on the new 12mini order. If you want to get a head start while waiting on delivery, ensure that your old phone has latest version. If downlevel, you will be forced to update before doing the transfer.

What a day. I successfully did the phone to phone transfer early in the afternoon. It was seamless; took about 10 minute for all the data to transfer then about four or five minutes for all the apps to reload. Everything was working perfectly and I was thrilled. Some of my apps had been Touch ID; when I opened them they asked if I wanted Face ID. I said OK! And they opened when they saw my smiling face.

Then a few hours later my phone service disappeared. Very long story but it apparently was a SIM card issue, even though there was no SIM card touched or moved. They now have eSIM cards, I guess. After talking to multiple Apple and AT&T people of varying competence, then googling online for what was apparently a known issue with SIM cards and iPhone 12’s, then following the online troubleshooting, I live chatted Apple. Yay - my second attempt at reseating the SIM card worked. For now. Any more issues, I go into the Apple store.

But it’s a lovely phone and now I can play with the camera.

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Congrats on the new phone! To bad about the SIM card snafu. I think I did read some reviews with similar complaints - glad your issue was quickly resolved.

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I got that same dongle directly from Apple; $9 delivered for free in one day.

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