Thoughts on submitting my ACT score?

I’m applying early action to CWRU and was wondering whether or not I should submit my ACT scores. I took the exam twice and got a 29 both times with a superscore of 30. That places me within the very bottom of the 30-34 middle 50% of Case. I got a 31 math 30 science 29 english 28 reading. My GPA and course rigor are a lot better than my ACT (10 APs and 4.27W 3.97UW) but my extracurriculars are somewhat lacking (Science oly, NHS, guitar, and cycling pretty meh). I’m leaning towards not submitting the scores since my counselor said not to submit them unless they were >= the median at the school but I was looking for some extra input. Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

Case does superscore the ACT, so because your ACT score is within the 25th-75th range, IMO would submit it. Idk how submitting it would impact your potential merit scholarship award though, but @bopper I believe referenced earlier decision threads as useful to figure out how much merit scholarship awards were given for different ACT scores (although it’s holistic and isn’t just about your ACT/SAT and grades.) However, it’s your decision at the end of the day, so apply widely (safeties, matches, and reaches,) and hope for the best! :smile:

Hope that helps!

Have you listened to any CWRU virtual webinars? If not, I would do that and ask (anonymously) what scores should be submitted.

I recommend applying TO as your superscore is below the median test score of last year’s admitted student pool, (the 30 is right at the 25%ile mark).

I would only submit that score if you directly hear in a virtual admissions session that applicants in the mid 50% range should submit.

Good luck.

What major are you thinking about? Some majors may have lower ACT scores. E.g., if you want to be an engineer you will be competing against others with higher ACTs.
What is your GPA? What courses have you taken?
Is there any other aspects to your “story” that may make you stand out?

Look at previous EA results to see how you might fit in:


Also look at the Common Data Set for ACT ranges.