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@mom2collegekids A class can just be theory with no patient involvement. It is important to make it known how much time a student has been involved with patients in volunteer, student or paid capacity for BS/MD programs. The programs have a need to know one has hung out with patients that needed care and they understand what is involved.

Medical students don’t officially meet patients until they finish their classes for 1 year or 1.5 or 2 years as their program dictates. They go around volunteering in clinics on their own in many cases to get the hang of it. So a medical class does not necessarily mean patients even at MD level.

In this program, the certified student has hands-on patient care experience.

My question is……can the student count those “hands on hours” if they’re also getting “high school credit”?

I would check, but most places I have looked for PA school, which is probably different, do not allow hours received in class for credit to count as patient care hours.

That may be a different situation as those are college students or graduates accumulating 1000+ hands on clinical hours for PA school admissions.

My question concerns high school students (under age 18) who will have more limited options to get hands-on care experiences prior to their submission of BS/MD applications when they’re 17 and beginning senior year.

IMO, suppose you don’t have any other job shadowing experience for your child, in that case, you can list this experience as an activity in the common app and mention that it was part of the Medical Assistant Class and there was HS credit (if they was any).

In my opinion yes. It is outside the classroom even if they did it for a class credit since submitting a transcript does not tell a college anything about what was done in the class. If in doubt, they can add the class name and state that they also got credit rather than ignoring the hours because they were done for credit.

When people file actual medical school applications they list 500-1000 hours of research. Their transcript can have credit for research but just saying research on transcript does not tell anyone what time they spent and they cant give up mentioning research hours. This is no different.

Hard to believe that BSMD students are more accomplished than traditional path. Are there any stats for this?hoe can they have better experiences in 3 years with most taking classes during summer versus the traditional path with or without gap years.

Schools are valuing experiences ( service or research) and diversity more over stats and that’s reason they are moving away from BSMD.

No one is questioning the intelligence of BSMD students and there is no need for BSMd parents to be over sensitive.

I would mention the hours and explain that it was part of the school credit class in the description section.

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I would also add the following:

  • having a refugee status
  • veteran/ child of a veteran

Then, there is this “adversity score” - where they look at family (e.g., raised by a single parent), the community (e.g., affluent, poor, low crime, high crime, diverse, etc.) and other factors they deem fit.

Yep, adversity score is a fancy word but it encompasses all the conditions i was considering for holistic.

I consider veterans as merit based as opposed to holistic since they hard earned it just like someone did americorp or medicorps. They deserve every seat they get.

When i did engineering masters as a foreign student, Clemson had a bunch of people on deputation in my department, some on GI bills or some on educational leave. These guys had families with them (one used to invite all single people for thanksgiving and he had 8 kids as a mormon) and they stuck to studying schedules that I couldn’t match because I was goofing off too much. They were never late for a thing and never gave a single excuse.


I agree with veterans deserve every seat they get.
Huge respect for their sacrifices.


I dont want to make this a political discussion and dont want to claim this article is right or wrong, only that it is written as an opposite view of what is changing. It gives you an understanding of what is changing with medical education since the protests in 2020. Look for an article in city-journal dot org - the corr u p tion of medicine to get some background in terms of how things are changing. This is for your personal edification and not for discussions here since I have not kept up with the current policies of what is allowed in CC.

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Read that long article.
Thanks for pointing it out here.

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TAMU has suspended all its Early Assurance programs except E2EnMed program.

Agree 1000%… that too on an anonymous forums (like these) things get heated for no reason :heart_eyes: LOL.

My point was/is always … if someone is “determined” don’t throw additional roadblocks … that’s all. :peace_symbol:

I don’t want to argue “for BSMD or against” :slight_smile:

As far as TX in general, one of our family friends moved there 2 years ago for that purpose alone and their kid is in MD (traditional). That’s how i came to know of that rule

Shocking and ever since I saw the list of possibilities, I had wondered how they are able to allocate so many different 5 seats for a school half the size of other med schools in Texas. They had a rule before Covid that one had to be national merit semifinalist to qualify and they had waived that rule in the last 2 years.

EnMED has 50 seats and it is a much newer program. A&M is considered an engineering school and so they want to recruit top engineering students.

And it is allocating 15 of those seats to this Pathway/Early Assurance program.


WOW, that is a lot.

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Your question in the results thread re: Starting a HOSA Club

Please check this link: How to Join – HOSA
It describes the process.

If anyone has questions regarding applications to BS/DO programs, please feel free to reach out through DM. I would be happy to help since I went through the same process last fall!

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