Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 2)

I don’t have the habit of looking back :slight_smile: However T5 is the top most category, so I am still correct. T5, T10 and T20s are how medical schools are categorized generally.

That’s why I said we agree to disagree.

Let’s look forward.

But I already disagreed on that LOL. I am going to miss this banter going forward.

My son had Duke as a top contender- I would pick it, their med school acceptance rate is high and they have a great program- Cardea Fellows- for pre med type kids to apply and get extra support in a LLC type environment

TAMU S2M(instate) seems a cheap and easy option to becoming a Doctor. Texas A & M is a solid school for both UG and Med school. This is a really a good option.

It is though . Whats PD? If you look at primary care its 14 and research 36. If u want to go into anything other than academic medicine its t20

@kaizokuouni - UG prestige generally matters after GPA, MCAT, EC, research, volunteer/community activities…

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If you don’t want to go into academic medicine, rankings aren’t particularly important FYI

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well that too yeah im just saying i think rems is like a top 5 bs md program because of its offerings and rankings. but rnkings dont rly matter much

PD means program (residency) directors. So where did you find this academic medicine rankings?

US news - i said research rankings are 36 and primary care 14 and research primarily matters if u are going into academic medicine

Not necessarily. If you are looking for competitive residency, publishing papers will help and you have better chance at research powerhouses. If you are going into primary care it won’t matter that much. Anyway, Rochester is a solid school, don’t worry too much about rankings.

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true thats fair but idt its mid tier id say top tier even if low top tier

Yes, if possible, I am planning to take CS courses. Is your DC also going for Pitt GAP by any chance?

So I have talked to 3 UG UPENN and 1 Duke UG

  1. UPenn UG Bioengineerig ( Rank 4 same school as D) is junior and easy for her to keep 3.5 plus and lots of R&D opportunities.

  2. She said about 10-20% premed in bioengg/sciences( engg has biosciences/bioengg option) whereas premed biology etc. seems more loaded with med kind of people and more competition( bottomline contrary to conventional thinking, engg. is less competitive with more opportunities at UPENN).

  3. Other UPENN UG roommate of good friends EE kid maxed out MCAT and heading to Harvard

  4. Finally, one UG started PENN medical school.

Bottomline, few sources advised dont short UG for security - It was easy for most of above to max out with no need for GAP etc.

Think Columbia is same and better name than UPENN

Also other Duke UG, Baylor Med/MPH, UPSOM Psychiatry residency.

I think we are back in IVY vs JHU business!!!

Can’t figure that statement :slight_smile: PD ranking for both BU and Rochester is 39, so solid mid tier.

Good progress. You need to break it down to two parts for GPA, premed/weed out courses GPA (first 2 years) and engineering GPA. For example my nephews who did JHU BME struggled more in premed classes (transition from relatively easier HS, more interested in engineering and early involvement in research) than engineering classes.

You didn’t find any JHU BME students to talk with?

Nope - Think I will find ChE UG. I prefer ChE over BME due to breadth. JHU is powerhouse for premed with nearly everyone trying med- exception might be Engg. except BME.

I was surprised that amongst UPENN bioengineering, only 10-20% premeds - So it is less competitive and UPenn engg is easy- She has 3.8plus and is junior and is working in UPenn hospital.

So bottomline, lot of misinformation here on CC and my advise to bright kids is dont short chain your dreams for security of low UG school. I have talked to atleast 4 top UG students/Parents at IVY or top schools and their advise was all unanimous with proven results of kids.

Now if you want security, it is upto you and it is also a good choice. Think all choices are win-win only.

Think we are moving towards IVY/JHU - D was already there whereas I was confused!

What’s your D’s preference? You seems to be stuck on ChE vs BME. Don’t overanalyze. If D’s ultimate goal is MD, ChE or BME doesn’t matter.

Glad to hear that you are coming around to my view of limiting bright kids :slight_smile:

Perhaps we disagree there- Agreed that if ultimate goal is MD, ChE or BME is irrelevant but the satisfaction of engineering overrides other majors (Same as satisfaction of IVY overrides avg state schools with full ride). The other plus of engg. is should you change your view, you have good job whereas you will ring cash counter at Walmart with Harvard/Stanford Biology and will be forced to do PhD or move to something that pays bill.

Additionaly I learnt that perhaps engg. at UPenn ( and perhaps also at Columbia/JHU all branches except JHU BME ) may be more relaxed than mad rush in premed at Columbia/UPenn/JHU.

Obviously $$ at JHU is always attractive and we are weighing it since Harvard is unlikely to move.