Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 2)

Your D may be able to repeat the success stories of others narrated by you. Let her decide where she wants to go for UG.

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quick question, if we select UT Austin for UG/pre-med, how easy or difficult is to get admission to Dell Med medical school, considering we become instate in couple of years?

There are lot of attractive options besides engineering if you look. My son was initially interested in JHU BME but with Vandy scholarship and GPA pressures he went for biochem with computational research. DE Shaw group tried to recruit him recently (they approached by checking the lab page) and their salaries are similar to top tech companies.

DE Shaw is a wall street hedge fund trading firm, what is relationship between your son’s research and them ? Of course, computer programming skills are needed there.

Thank you @InspireTruth for sharing your perspectives in the Results thread.
Congratulations on TCNJ/NJMS.


Thank you!


Look more into DE Shaw businesses ( I actually didn’t know about DE Shaw until my son forwarded email from them. Check DE Shaw profile, Columbia professor turned successful trader.

@InspireTruth - Thank you for sharing in the Results thread. Congratulations on TCNJ/NJMS. Wish you the best for your future!

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Thank you!

Yes, they are a well known trading firm on wall street but seems now diversified into scientific research.

Looks like he is putting his money to good use with research. They wanted two year commitment. May be he should have taken 2 gap years and earned for medical school.

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Not a bad idea to have that kind of expereience.

Best reflection I have seen so far and “KEEP OFF THIS WEBSITE!!” is hilarious and you are spot on about repeated requests to withdraw.

I am surprised that you didn’t get more interviews but happy that you got what you wanted. GL in your future endeavors!

haha thank you! And yes, this website is definitely a double-edged sword in that regard :laughing:

UT Austin is brutal for some engg like ECE and CS ( half class weeded out) but a little less for other engg ( no weed out in ChE/ME/Aero etc.).

Do not know about science majors but liberal arts have fun- Perhaps the best party school in nation- Even the weeded out ECE party once liberated in liberal arts and enjoy life!!

Not sure on med school there.

GW is 7 years and not that high. please check latest rates

COA for sure is over 600K for GW/GW at full fee. If you have any merit/need aid you can discount it for UG.

UG: 80x3 = 240K
SOM: 90+*4 =360K

yeah, it’s an expensive school but I ended up recommending it to someone last year given the choices they have.

Can You please send me the link to the results thread? Thanks

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