*** Thread for MD/DO 2023-2024 Applicants and Parents ***

This thread is for the current year MD, DO and other applicants and their parents to discuss various schools, application timelines, processes, and seek support as needed. Past threads are listed so people can review some of the questions already asked and answered.

We did not have many participants in the last cycle and hope we have people participate about their apps and have lively discussions here.

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I’m the parent of a ‘24 MD/DO applicant. Just sharing a few things we’ve learned in the process so far.

  1. TMDSAS bumps A/B and A- grades to As for their GPA calculations. Yay.

  2. Our applicant got both his TMDSAS and AMCAS applications rejected. Surprise. This was not the end of the world.

    A) The TMDSAS had a format error on an LOE/LOR. Ten day delay.

    B) The AMCAS was missing a transcript from a college course taken in high school. Maybe a two day delay.

    C) He got those fixed ASAP and has one interview completed and two interviews scheduled in September. No rejections, yet.

  3. Baylor College of Medicine has a new campus in Temple Texas. Forty students got routed to Temple instead of Houston last cycle (without warning according to one parent). They will add forty every year until they have a hundred and sixty. Houston has one hundred and eighty six. This seems like nothing to me, but it’s a big deal for our applicant.

Are you a Texas resident?

The 160 count for Baylor is an average of 40 over 4 years so the count each year remains same for that campus. The primary issue with the Baylor process is that they dont admit or match based on campus preference so many of those assigned to Temple campus didnt have Temple as their first preference. Students first selected Baylor as their match during March ranking (many over UTSW) and then found out in April that they are assigned to Temple. It was a risk they had to take.

Okay. Thanks for clarifying. I misunderstood this paragraph:

“An inaugural class of 40 medical students is anticipated to begin training in Fall 2023. The campus will increase by 40 students a year over four years. The medical school is excited to welcome 160 more students to experience the caliber of education offered by Baylor College of Medicine.”

I could not edit my first post to correct the misinformation. Looks like I fat finger deleted it…d8)

If you are OOS the Temple campus issue can be circumvented since OOS students are allowed to keep more than one admission in Texas beyond match day in early March. So if one gets into both UTSW and Baylor, they can give up Baylor if allocated to Temple.

It is not possible for Texas residents since TMDSAS allows Texas residents to keep only one admission.

Yes, we’re in Austin. Our applicant’s first two interview invites were UTSW and Baylor. That was a nice start. We are hoping he stays in state. He finished his last AMCAS secondary a few days ago.

Your kid must have high stats if these two already called.

Yes, he has good, maybe great, GPA/MCAT stats, multiple honors degrees and minors with some good ECs. The same as thousands of other applicants. Essay writing is not a strength.

There are some high stat kids within Texas but I wouldn’t put them at more than 200. There will be abour 3000-5000 nationally with 4.0 and 522+ but as the number goes up to 525 or greater, it will drop to about 1000-1500.

If he already has multiple degrees, is he in gap year or doing masters?

He’s in a gap year, took the MCAT in October and graduated in May.

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Where is he applying on AMCAS?

Interesting that the top one percent is 3000 - 5000. That’s a lot of people taking the MCAT. (I’m guessing it’s not that straight forward.) Seems like a high SAT score though, just one slice of a large pie.

Our applicant did not have a few key slices of the pie a year ago. His decision to take a gap year was a good choice. He had good advisers. Just applying to medical school took a good three months.

It’s amazing how difficult it is to become a doctor.


281,000/3 = 93k per year with top 1% (522 or above) is around 930 so probably not that high a number. So at 520 it is over 2700, and 519 is 3700 on an annual basis.

Edited - math was totally wrong (I was thinking divide by 4 while it is 3 years).