Thrive Scholars Round 2 Thread

Hello! Thrive Scholar Round 2 applicant as well, i applied to Bovard and I got rejected :frowning: I think they only took in 50 kids this year!

Im late to this thread as well haha, It would’ve helped to be here when I was interviewing haha.

same, I also got rejected by bovard. but my friend got in and we both have pretty similar stats and extracurricular activities. :confused:

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Are you guys applying to Questbridge?

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I am applying for the Prep Scholar program with QuestBridge

Right I didn’t even think to look for something like this. I accidentally found it when googling something else

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Me too! I’m so glad I found it now though; hopefully we all make it :slight_smile:

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Jesus, I’m late to this thread but I wish yall the best of luck :+1:t5:



When do decisions come out again?

End of April I believe

Hi all,

I’m a current scholar (2025 cohort; admitted last year) and I have some news to share with ya’ll concerning the program.

I was informed by my Thrive counselor that this year, due to increased funding, the program will admit around 180 students (twice the amount of students as last year). So expect a relatively good chance at being admitted if you made it to the 2nd round.

This program was absolutely worth it as I’ve been admitted to great schools so far and I hope you all are admitted. Feel free to reach out and good luck :))


This is great news, thank you for sharing! By any chance, could you ask your counselor for the exact date decisions will be out? Or if you know already, could you please share the date?


Unfortunately, my counselor didn’t provide an exact set date, but she did say they expect to release decisions by the end of April (plan for the 3rd week of April as the earliest and the last week of April as latest). Last year, we weren’t given an exact date either, so its just how it goes.

Good Luck!


How many people or what percentage of people usually make it to round 2? Bruh I’m so happy that the chances got better!

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I am not sure, but last year there were 900-1000 applicants overall and 90ish were admitted in the end. So this year, the chances should be somewhat better. Sorry that I can’t give any specifics, Thrive never releases those stats.


thank you so much for telling us!!! i can now not be stressed until the last two weeks of april instead of the entire month. thanks!!!

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okay so i applied to thrive scholars, yygs, and qbcps this year and obviously since i’m replying here, i’m a finalist for thrive. i have a question about just what exactly this program entails–does it give a full ride scholarship or an increased chance of being matched with desired schools? i submitted my QBCPS application a week ago so i have yet to find out for that (i think decisions for that should come out around the same time decisions for thrive come out–hopefully i have a fair shot at both, fingers crossed). i got accepted with basically a full-ride scholarship to yygs, and i was wondering if i would be able to thrive at the same time as yygs (it’s virtual this year) since thrive is a two-summer long program, and if i would have to make accommodations? i already said yes to yygs since it was due in early march! any replies are appreciated! good luck to all finalists :)) <33

My suggestion is to wait and see if you have been selected for Thrive. In the meantime, really comb through their website and YouTube videos to get a thorough understanding of their program.

I don’t think you’ll be able to attend both, so maybe start thinking about which one you like more. If you end up getting accepted into both then be sure to run it by both Thrive and YYGS, but I doubt either of them will be cool with concurrent enrollment so you’ll probably end up having to decide.