Thrive Scholars Round 2 Thread

Has anyone heard of the exact date when applicants will be notified?

Nope, nothing. Expecting it sometime around the 3rd week of April at the earliest from what I’ve heard. I wish they’d let us know though. The anxiety is killing me :grimacing:


Are the chances just as good if I turned in my application for round 2 a week late? I had my interview back in late February, and I was told the results would come in mid March (which obv didn’t happen). I didn’t see the email for the second application until it was past the deadline. I turned it in a week late :frowning:

I wouldn’t know dude

Fair enough lol. Ig we just wait and see

pls update and reply if you guys hear back

will do!

Hope decisions start getting release next week!!


results are coming out on the 20th!


i know i just saw!

do you think the email means anything or did they send it to everyone?

I wish you all the best!!!

Probably to the round 2 finalists.

Whats the subject of the email because I don’t see it.

Ah nvm I found it lol

I know I shouldn’t but I’m starting to panic because I feel like I won’t get into this scholarship. How do you guys think you did?

I am kinda anxious right now lol… I feel like I am gona get rejected
The email actually scared me a little bit yesterday, the first word I saw was “thank you…”

same. i feel like my heart stopped for a millisecond lol.

i’m pretty nervous aswell, things haven’t been too lucky for me lately. hoping this is different