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Hi, I’m a Twins Mom of sons who graduate High School this coming June 2022. K-11 they’ve been on the honor roll, have above average SAT scores, one has a NLE Silver & Gold Award in Latin, and they’ve completed their AP Science Classes a year early, including AP Physics, Chemistry & Biology. They are simply just very hard working, humble & quiet, well disciplined sons, a parents dream. Working so hard through Covid, they forgot to email their teachers for recommendation letters…so…do students really have to wait until School starts, to apply for college? Don’t high schools offer summer college prep assistance with this? I’m sure my sons are not the only ones who were inundated by emails, during their SAT preps & finals exam studies…what can we do, while summer season is still on??? Thank you.

What is the only thing outstanding are the teacher’s recommendation letters? Teachers are on vacation, and have not replied…yet this is a private funded high school, shouldn’t there be summer support to upcoming high school seniors? Once School starts…so does the school work, less time to focus on college prep.

Our Student’s School Tablets have their email communications to their teachers. What’s odd to me is the high school collects the tablets when school ends! Students have no access to their emails until the Fall, when school resumes! So if a students wishes to catch-up on emails, pertaining to teachers recommendation letters, during the summer months…what can the student do until next month???

My kids usually requested letters of recommendation in the beginning of spring junior year. Can your children not access their school emails through another device? I wouldn’t expect to hear back from teachers until school starts. My kids went to public so they really were on their own with college applications, besides a 30 minute meeting with their GC junior year.

When does your school start back? My senior’s first day of school is this Thursday. She doesn’t have any LORs yet either. I think it was tricky this year with so much online. She did not get a lot of support from the school for college prep last year and pretty much none over the summer, but she does have an appointment with the guidance counselor when school starts up so hopefully your school will start scheduling those soon too. As I understand it there is usually no advantage to completing your application in Aug/Sep/Oct, but Nov is the ED deadline for many schools, so as long as they get those LORs by then they should be good.

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My sons school has all their teachers etc email’s on their website. Try that.

Our school had a rule that all requests had to be in spring of Junior year so the teachers had time to get them done.

The school also held a long session for juniors at the start of the school year plus a mandatory meeting with kid and counselor. Plus many, many emails to said counselor.

My kids high schools did not offer college application help during the summer at all. I don’t know of a high school in our area that did or does this.

Your twins can request letters of recommendation the week school starts. I’m sure teachers expect these sorts of requests.

Our teachers are required to respond to emails within 24 hours but NOT until school begins.

Your kids can submit applications and send the letters of recommendation as soon as they are completed in the fall.

Many many many students apply to colleges while attending high school their senior years. Your kids only have the LOR outstanding? If so, they are in great shape.

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My kids were in public school, where the teachers had far more students to deal with than in private school, and they didn’t get their letters until the early fall of senior year. I think they may have made requests in the spring of junior year, but for teachers with whom they had a good relationship (and really, those are the only ones they would ask), it would have been fine to ask in September.

Teachers value their summers off, with good reason. Relax. They’ll be back in school in 2 weeks, and the kids can ask then. It will be fine. I’m sure they’ll get letters done in time for early applications.

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