Tisch applications and advice


I am looking to apply to Tisch (Musical Theatre) this year, I am a rising senior. Does anyone infer what the auditions could be like now that the pandemic happened and is still very apparent in the country? They haven’t gotten back to me so I assume they don’t know yet either, but I was wondering if anyone could input their opinion on the matter.

Also, if you attend Tisch or are an alum, how is it? Do you have any advice for someone who wants to apply? Furthermore, do you have to be accepted into NYU and Tisch simultaneously or does one acceptance come before the other?

Paging @CaMom13 ! :slight_smile:


Hi @russianblue23 , I don’t have all the answers and as mentioned above, @CaMom13 is a current parent and super informed about Tisch, but I can give a little info and hope it’s helpful.

It looks like they’ve suspended in-person auditions for Early Decision 1 candidates. I don’t know exactly what “suspended” means but I think they’re being cautious and waiting for more information before saying anything. Were you planning to audition early?

As for acceptances, you get accepted to NYU and into the BFA program at the same time - it is one admission, not separate, weighing both the academics and the full application along with the audition.

We are awaiting more information from Tisch as they decide how to proceed with the upcoming semester. I’m sure it’s a moving target. I hope they get back to you soon.

Best of luck with your search. As weird as it is to anticipate the upcoming semester in this climate, I can’t even imagine what it must be like trying to plan auditions! We are here to support you!

Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it! Yes, I was planning on applying to Early Decision 1. I was supposed to take the SAT in March, but it looks like I will be now taking it in August. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your application! My S auditioned ED this past year - he said it was a blast. I really hope they find a way to get you an audition experience you’re happy doing!

@russianblue23 - So sorry! Took a break from CC because I was engrossed in finding apartments in NYC, LOL. I hope you have the same problem in 3 years. :slight_smile:

So here’s some good news about applying to Tisch during the pandemic - the dance call was always the least important part of the audition and that is the hardest thing to do remotely. I would be prepared to submit videos or perform live on zoom for monologues and songs and definitely prepare for a zoom interview. The interview is important - Tisch wants to get to know their applicants and the admissions decision is made on potential and not just current level of achievement. Let yourself show in the interview - relax and let them see your personality.

How are your grades and scores? Academics are 50% of the admission decision so make sure you’ve done your best on that part of the application and make sure your essay on “Why NYU” doesn’t read like “Why NYC” which is probably easier these days than it has been in the past.

My D is a rising junior. A couple of us responded to the question of “what it’s like” on the NYU MT page (let me find the link) but I can say that she has had n amazing experience. She’s been pushed artistically, especially in music and dance, she has really learned and grown - not just artistically but in her knowledge of how to build a career in the arts. The exposure to other performing artists is, I think, unparalleled. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Here’s the thread from last year - several current parents weighed in on pros and cons of their kids’ experience so it’s a good read, even if it was pre-pandemic. Things will be different this year - true everywhere but particularly in NYC - but I have a lot of faith that the experience of living and learning in the city will continue to be a net positive.


Hi, thank you for your response, I appreciate it! I just found out that the song and dance portion will be recorded, while the monologue and interview will be live on Zoom. I was going to take the SAT in March, but now I am taking it in August. My GPA is 98/100 and I take IB/AP classes :slight_smile:

Go you @russianblue23 ! If you’re on Facebook we have a small group for MT and Acting audition / application support and we welcome junior and senior students as well as parents. Feel free to find us by looking for “Musical Theatre & Acting College Application Support” . :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, will do!