To continue or not to continue?

I am at a dilemma guys. On the common app, you can choose to continue an existing activity (in my case: math competitions) in college. Right now, I have not chosen to continue with math competitions in college, but I know that in one of my recommendations, my teacher will mention my avid participation in the school’s math league and qualifier for major math competitions. I am not actually that good at math and do not enjoy it… will not continuing look bad to colleges?

My interpretation of this question is that by checking the box you are telling the college that you would be interested in a similar activity once you arrive on campus. You are NOT binding yourself to anything. Checking that box now is not going to force you to join a math club your first day on campus. So, be honest. Colleges don’t expect you to continue everything you did in high school, if you don’t want to continue math competitions that’s fine. However, if you don’t want to continue math competitions, that suggests a lack of interest in that activity. If you’re not going to check that box I wouldn’t advise listing the activity at the top of your ECs on the Common app because the top spots should be reserved for the activities you’re truly passionate about.

I hope that made sense and helped, let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

just answer yes.
When you get to college THEN you can decide if you want to continue.
NO ONE at your college will know what you stated on your application, BTW.

but it also wouldn’t make sense to check yes for all 10 activities right?

^ I am having a similar quandary. I enjoy all of my activities, so naturally I’d want to continue them in some way shape or form. Obviously that’s not exactly practical. I actually put in the “Additional Information” section an explanation on why I put “yes” to all, but that’s not really sitting well with me.

Personally, I think you should just be honest. Colleges don’t expect you to want to continue every single on of your high school activities. Check yes for those you want to continue, and don’t check yes for those you don’t want to continue. In the grand scheme of things I don’t think this is a huge deal, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to explore different interests in college.

I really don’t think it matters very much what you check here. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing you mark will be binding. Both of my kids stayed with an activity or two from HS and also found some new and unexpected activities in college.