To play sports or not to play?

<p>Recently, I've been have some medical problems that have resulted in me only being able to join the JV swim team. I'm taking 5 APs and I'm behind in most classes for the exam. We swim 2 hours everyday for 5 days a week and we have swim meets about every week. My coach is chill and he isn't really strict or anything when it comes to practice. </p>

<p>My shoulders and other parts of my body ache most of the time as a result of my medical "condition" (no diagnosis as of now since it takes a while). My coach allows some of us to swim slower. I really love swimming but I kind of want to do exercises that I want and go with my routine (i.e. swim rest swim rest, strengthen my muscles, stretch) all on my own time. </p>

<p>Do you guys think I should keep this sport (paid 150 dollars for transportation) or quit it? Will not taking up a school sport (I played basketball last year) reduce my chances? How can I convey my love for sports to the adcoms without participating in a school sport? I really need help deciding. My grades have fallen to a couple of B's since taking up the sport. Would it be better for me to concentrate more on my APs, SAT IIs, and AP classes than to keep swimming? What would you do if you were in my current situation?</p>

<p>Some people have suggested that I be a swim team manager. Is this a good idea?</p>

<p>Grades are most important. Try to bring up your grades and if swimming is severely hampering your studies then you should consider possibly talking to your coach about it. Possibly you can continue swimming at a YMCA or something that you can fit into your schedule. You can always swim during your free time or join clubs, programs on swimming. You cant do the same for grades. </p>

<p>Plus swimming is suppose to be fun and a fresh change of pace to academics.
I would focus more on your APs and SAT, and try to fit swimming into your schedule instead of the other way around.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>