I’m really nervous for today, this is my dream school and i’ve been keeping in touch with one of the admission counselors and she has helped me a lot, also they follow me on instagram and even comment on my photos, does this means something or what?

What are your stats?

I wonder also, Is it typical for admission counselors to follow prospective students on instagram and comment on photos? Are most counselors doing this now? If so, are they reserving it for those students likely to gain admission, or just expressing sincere interest in the student or applicant’s activities; i.e, sports or specific talent? Will one’s possibility of gaining admission be enhanced by encouraging admission counselors to follow you on instagram/twitter/etc.? I would love other’s thoughts on this. Wonder if iiii2019 received an acceptance letter? Thank you!

I am pretty positive it was not an AO following a prospective student. Students are in charge of the University’s Instagram account and they do an AMAZING job with it. I am sure if a poster references Bentley, they will comment. They are very engaging and clever with the Instagram account.

That’s very interesting, thanks for responding!