TOEFL Requirement for University of Washington, Seattle

<p>From the University of Washington, Seattle's website, it states that one's application will not be considered if one does not meet the minimum English proficiency requirement. However, it also states that one who enters university without a qualifying test score requires to take English proficiency screening test before one can register for class. What does that means? If a person does not meet the minimum requirement, his application will not be considered and how is it possible that he enter the university without a qualifying test score? (refer to the website below)</p>

<p>Furthermore, from the university's website, there are two web pages that state different minimum TOEFL score requirement. Which one is the correct one? (refer to the website below)</p>

<p>Here is the two web pages that have stated the English language proficiency requirement:
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<p>There is one set of requirements for international students. This is to get into UW-S.</p>

<p>The second set is for anyone who has already been admitted, including students from the US. There are students coming from within the US who don't have a full command of Academic English. Some of them are recent immigrants who are still mastering English, others are victims of poorly funded school districts, some are sports stars who are going to lead the university's team to multiple victories, some are musicians or artists, still others are those kids who are really amazingly good at math/science but also amazingly bad at English composition. Remedial English is not just for international students. There are lots of US students who end up there as well!</p>