Toefl ??

<p>any good prep book for TOEFL??
i will take in 2 weeks or so, and aim 280~300(CBT).
i've never taken or prep for TOEFL.</p>

<p>recommendations for TOEFL prep books. plz!</p>

<p>i dont think the TOEFL is a test that u really need to prepare for like the SAT's. It tests ur basic knowledge of English and is actually very easy. The booklet has a practice section and if u do well on that one u should be fine. Sorry but I dont know know any prep books....</p>

<p>I have Peterson's 'TOEFL CBT Success' or something that seems to be pretty decent. Though I haven't used it coz I'm not giving the TOEFL. It came with a couple of audio CDs.</p>

<p>While I agree that the TOEFL is relatively easy compared to other college entrance exams, I think you should prepare. When I studied for it, I had Barron's, Peterson's and ARCO - those I think were very helpful.</p>

<p>I prepared with 8 practice tests by Barron's. That's it. Got a nice 287. :)</p>

<p>how did YOU do on TOEFL, if you took it?
and how much or how long have you learned/used/spoke English?</p>

<p>I took a practice test from Cambridge CD(got it from a library -yay!)
and structure part was kinda annoying.
(oh.. did you guys use a CD to prepare or what did you use??)</p>

<p>TIPS to perfect the 'skill' and ways to prep last things would be helpful.

<p>do you think getting a 250 in the TOEFL is enough for competitive colleges?</p>

<p>who has better chance?
TOEFL PBS 597 TWE 6.0</p>

<p>what does TWE and PBS means?</p>

<p>PBT= paper based test
twe= test of written english which is given with TOEFL</p>

<p>i got 1600, i used Vladmir's Guide To Success.</p>