Tomatis Method/Auditory processing

<p>Has anyone has experience with the Tomatis method of auditory processing therapy, either at Spectrum Center in Bethesda or anywhere else for the treatment of ADD/ADHD?</p>

<p>I would love to hear from you.</p>

<p>These programs have no peer reviewed evidentiary support, unfortunately, though the seem by anecdotal report to help some kids.</p>

<p>dg5052 - you will have to make this decision for yourself. However, I am a pediatric audiologist who sees kids with APD. I do not recommend auditory integration therapy (Tomatis) and want to note that neither of our professional associations, The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association or the American Academy of Audiology support the theory behind Tomatis or the treatment itself. You will absolutely find lots of anecdotal support for this method but you will not find quality research that supports it. Here is a working document from 2004
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<p>I am assuming that you have had an auditory processing evaluation with a pediatric audiologist who routinely provides this type of evaluation. In actuality, this is a rare audiologist. But, no other professional can diagnose an auditory processing disorder as no other professional has the training, equipment or skills - that is your first step if you have not had a proper diagnosis. Auditory processing disorders can exist in isolation, can be one manifestation of more global learning/language problems, etc. Teasing everything out and customizing treatment requires a skilled audiologist and typically a team evaluation with other professionals and/or coordination of results.</p>

<p>Many parents have reported great changes in their children from this program. I work in the therapy field. We had a speech [athologist in town who provided these services. Our state has unfortunately stopped funding for it as there is not research to back this up and they will only fund research based intervention. Parents were active in protesting and these are very well knowlegable folks.</p>