Too conservative?

<p>I’m interested in Centre college but my dad is worried that the campus will be too conservative and unaccepting. Anyone have a view on this?</p>

<p>I don't believe that my daughter has found this to be the case. She actively worked for the Young Democrats during the 2004 election (if you are talking political conservatism). If you are talking socially conservative, I have not found that to be the case either during my visits. I will give the same advice given to me, unless you live very far away and visiting costs are prohibitive, go spend a weekend on campus. It is NOT a suitcase campus, lots of students around all weekend with activities open to all. Don't need to be "greek" to enjoy the parties.</p>

<p>My oldest son graduated from Centre last year, and I don't think that the campus environment is at all unaccepting or conservative. I think that it is like most college campuses. You will find a niche that feels right for you. My son was very active in the Centre Republicans and is about as politically conservative as you will find, but that simply led to lots of good natured dialogue in classes. I echo the advice of Centremom, go and visit. Talk to ordinary students that you run into and see how it feels to you.</p>