Too much work???

<p>I need some feed back. Here are the classes im taking next year:</p>

<p>ap chem
ap physics b
ap us
pathophysiology ( ap like class)
pre calc.</p>

<p>Is this too much? How many hours of homework will i get on average. I just need some general feed back.</p>

<p>You're toastin a thread in a place where numbers of people take 6 APs. </p>

<p>Also, don't ask for how much time of homework you get. I hate it when homework is measured in time, and you should too. Homework should be measured on how much effort you can put in it effeciently. As long as you WANT to learn the material, you'll be fine. Expect to take AP Physics material some time to sink in, especially since you haven't gotten to Calculus yet. If you worry truly, then Physics might be the one to drop until after you have more mathematical maturity.</p>

<p>AP classes usually don't get much homework, just harder tests.
Is this the level that you are comfortable at? Because this doesn't seem like a hard schedule. People take 6-7 APs at times, so 3 APs is a little on the other side...
what grade are you in? If you are in 9th, then you are fine. 10th a little iffy. 11th definately on the danger side.If you REALLY think you can't do it, then don't, but if you can, go for it.
I am a junior and am taking the most amount of APs my schedule allows me to-5. That puts me in a better spot. Judge yourself.

<p>Well i got home late, like at 5, 6, sometimes 7. I just want like a general idea.</p>

<p>What colleges are you thinking of applying too, at least? What grade are you in?</p>

<p>I am a sophmore. My gpa was 3.5 UW last year and i really am motivated now. I am going to self study for APES and i am going to take 2/3 sciences. My choices are ap chem, ap physics b, and ap bio.</p>

<p>I want to apply to JHU, HYP, Virginia tech , UVA , stanford.</p>

<p>So this is your schedule for junior year then? Looks solid, I guess, but if you are going to REALLY competitive school (top 30), then...well it depends how you do in them too. If you do well on the AP exams, then you will look good I guess.</p>

<p>Should i take bio, chem, and physics in junior year or should i space them out?</p>

<p>Hmm...well thats really up to you think you can do well in them? And also, do you mean AP or honors?</p>

<p>ap. And i have no idea if i can do well in them. That is why im asking :) . Should i space them out somehow or just take all 3 in junior year and just ap physics c in senior year. Will only 2 ap's in senior year look bad? Sorry i have so many questions</p>

<p>Why do you only have five classes? Don't most schools have like 6-8?</p>

<p>Those r just my hard classes</p>

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