Too rigorous of a schedule?

<p>I am about to be a freshman in high school and we had to create our four year plan. I am taking seventeen APs, eight honors, and 3 [required] standard classes over the course of high school. Will this be too difficult? Through out middle school my (overall/final) grades have been 95 and above (most in range of 97-99).</p>

<p>So This is kinda what my four year plan looks like
9th: Algebra II Honors
Latin II Honors
Biology Honors
Human Geography AP (this is the first time an AP is being offered to freshman a tour school)
English I Honors
Lifetime Wellness/PE (requirement)
Study Hall</p>

<p>10th: PreCal Honors
Latin AP
Chem Honors
AP Euro History
English II Honors
AP World History
Physics Honors</p>

<p>11th: AP Stats
Chemistry AP
English III) AP
Music Theory AP
Physics B AP
Art History AP</p>

AP calc BC
English IV AP
Macroeconomics/US Gov AP
Creative writing (.5 credit)/ Personal Finance (Requirement and .5 credit)
AP Env. Sci.</p>

<p>What do you all think? Your advice is greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Looks good</p>

<p>Seven academic classes a year sounds a little much... at my high school that's literally impossible. They limit you at six. Regardless, I think six is a good limit.</p>

<p>pretty good. for comparison, this is my senior year schedule I am working on. Any suggestions?
what I want to take next year:
AP Physics C
AP Calc BC
AP English Lit
AP Psychology
AP Stats
AP Human Geo
then self study (over summer):
AP Government
AP Econ?</p>

<p>Ugh. </p>


<p>your grades will probably suffer because you're taking too many AP's. high school is not like middle school, especially if you're taking college level courses.
since it looks like you're interested in a competitive college for the future, remember that 17 AP's are not impressive if you're getting a C average in each.</p>

I'm sick of freshman thinking it's a good thing to take AP's solely for the sake of taking an AP.</p>

<p>i dont know why u guys are so discouraging. IT is best to aim high, even if he dosent make me. But trust me, there are plenty of academic scholars out there that take 20+ APs. Dont worry thenerdofawesome, you can dont with good time management.</p>

<p>umm... you dont want to take chemistry and physics in the same year, take one of the science AP's in soph</p>

<p>I mean, I'm taking Physics B AP right now and its like 2 hours of homework per night and I'm still getting a B-</p>

<p>and you're supposed to do Precalc -> Calc</p>

<p>you cant take a break in between and stats doesnt count because thats not a math class</p>

<p>Last year, I was a lot like you. I planned out all four years of high school, with a crazy number of APs and exceedingly high expectations for standardized tests. Even though I'm only a freshman, I can already see how taxing college-level classes are. Once you get through freshman year, you'll see that APs demand crazy amounts of time. You don't want your entire high school life to be spent in your room studying.</p>

<p>Push yourself. Set goals. But whatever you do, just know your limits!</p>

<p>Don't forget to have a life in high school. You only get one time in high school, so enjoy yourself while challenging yourself with a few AP courses. I would to those in whatever you want to do for a career (for example, I want to go into medicine, so I'm taking AP Chem next year). Also pick a few AP courses to take care of college credit. Just please don't dedicate your entire high school life to studying.</p>

<p>You will have a wonderful resume, but no life. Don't postpone joy!</p>

<p>Are you actually interested in all of these courses? Do not take an AP just because they look good. You won't put as much effort into a class you dislike.</p>

<p>Ok thanks everyone for all the input!
Quick notes: We can't take AP Chem as a Sophmore and they say it is best to do it juniour year.
And we arent able to Calc until senior year</p>

<p>@theeboy3 we can't take AP Chem until Junior year and we can't take Ap Calc until Senior year. I completely understand what you are saying with that tho..</p>

<p>Whether or not your schedule is "too much" or not depends entirely not only on your mental capabilities but your determination as well. Think about how much time you would be using studying/doing homework every day....can you really deal with sacrificing social life in exchange for intense workload for the next four years of your high school life? You're never as close with people in college as you are in high school so put more consideration into your social life. Also, I believe that enrolling in all the honors classes is unnecessary(English, Latin, algebra, ect). By taking all those honors classes, you'd have to do MUCH more work than if you took regular classes, and on top of that, there's no guarantee you'll get an point in taking honors classes if you aren't going to do well in them, so save yourself a considerable amount of stress and relax with all the honors. Grades aren't everything in a college application (there's also the essay, teacher recommendations, ect). As for some of the Ap's, there are some you may want to consider dropping, such as ap bio. Many of my friends who take ap bio have to study 7+ hours to get a 90+ on a test. do you know what 7+ hours is? That's a goddamn school day (although 85% + of the students who took ap bio received over a 5 on the ap exam so maybe it's just my school :P). Also, don't try to compare middle school to highschool. Often times, people experience a dramatic change when entering highschool (e.x my 2.0 in middle school went up to a 3.6/my friends 3.9 dropped to a 3.4) And maybe I'm wrong, but judging from your schedule, you aren't really sure what exactly you want to major in, and that's fine. However, my advice to you is that if you don't know exactly what you want to be/what you're interested in, drop some of the filler ap classes...if you take a class purely for credit, you'll probably find it boring and be miserable with work throughout your highschool career. On a final note, chill out!! You don't need a perfect 4.0 with a million aps just to get into the college you want :) I had a friend who had a 3.2ish until 11th grade (then got a 4.0 + had e.c) and made it into princeton university. Point is, don't kill yourself, especially in your early years.</p>

<p>9th grade looks good. AP Human Geography is an easy AP, so that's a good way to start out. I'd keep your 9th grade schedule to see if you can handle the courseload. If you mess up it won't matter as much because colleges hardly look at freshman year grades. They also like to see you get better as time progresses.</p>

<p>In 10th, limit yourself to two APs. Take an extra year of Latin (two years of a language isn't enough for the AP, in my opinion). Replace Latin AP with Latin 3 or Latin 3 honors if you can. AP Euro is fairly easy, AP World History can be tricky. Take both if you like history, but if you don't like history then you might die.</p>

<p>11th looks good except get rid of AP Chemistry and replace it with something else. It's too hard to take AP Chem and AP Physics in one year unless you are positive you can handle it. If you really want to take two sciences that year, take AP Bio or AP Env. Sci that year instead. That way you won't die.</p>

<p>It sounds like you're taking APs for the sole purpose of taking them. Be careful.</p>

<p>It will probably be a challenge, but go for it if you really think that will make you happy in the long run.</p>