Top Chef Portland

I forgot to remind CC! The new season started tonight. There were quite a few special protocols in place to film last fall. They also were greatly impacted by the wildfires, and had to change a lot of their plans for filming in the surrounding area. Based on a few things Padma said, it sounds like they have a higher grade of cheftestants than most seasons - no sous chefs! Maybe we won’t have to go on so many personal journeys.

Don’t click on the link if you don’t want to be spoiled for the first show, but in general discussion here assumes posters have seen the most recent episode.

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Looking forward to this season!

I will be watching but I never watch when it airs. Looking forward to a new season!

Reminder that episode two is tonight.

Watched the first episode last night. I like that some of the former contestants have a role in this season.

You can see some string personalities already being highlighted including the side from Portland who worked for Tom .

Loved that the women team won the first quick fire.

Anyone have local favorites? I haven’t watched the 2nd episode yet but I’m a little partial to the woman from Detroit who specializes in North African cuisine and the guy from Columbus - who landed in the bottom first episode! My daughter and her BF frequent his restaurant there

I would also like to say if you are an Instagram person Padma is a great follow. She does lots of impromptu simple cooking in her home kitchen.

It is a consistently good show!

It’s a strong season with some very capable and personable chefs. So far it looks like real cooking challenges vs gimmicks. Hopefully they won’t do feud edits; seeing collaboration is much more enjoyable. Our only home town chef is Richard Blais LOL but Sara grew up in the area so I may root for her.

How did you like Richards hair in that first episode?! :blush:

It’s interesting- and sad - to hear how Covid affected some of these chefs and their personal life in terms of alcohol and such.

Creative quick fire and main challenge in the last show.