Top residential colleges for a CS major (besides Crown)

What residential college might be better suited for a tech focused, gaming interested (but not obsessed) CS major besides Crown? How much of each college’s theme permeates the daily life of a college resident? My son likes the theme of Crown but likes College 9 and 10’s architecture and newness (as well as closer proximity to Baskin.

Many engineering students I know either live or plan to live in college 9/10 so I’d say it’s a great fit for him. Hopefully a UCSC non-freshman can answer your other questions because I haven’t experienced the “on-campus college life” yet. I will say, however, that when I was choosing between colleges, many people said to not worry too much about it. If you like the proximity to the school of engineering and that they are newly renovated, walking 10 minutes down the hill to say, Cowell college, to hang out with friends won’t be a hassle at all.

Thanks- I am hearing the same thing on Reddit re: 9 and 10. Will you be potentially living in campus next year? Are you in an apartment now? Have you noticed other students doing a similar thing- living near campus this year rather than at home? It’s great that you have been able to do so and experience at least an away-from-home first year college experience. Sounds like being in town has been a lot of fun for you.

The plan for me is to move on campus next year. Currently, I’m in a house about 5 minutes away from UCSC with some friends. I’d say most people are living at home, but there are a decent amount freshmen who decided to move up to SC this year. And yes- living in SC has been a ton of fun so far!

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