Top Schools in the Midwest?


I’m a current Freshman in the BFA program at The New School. I hate it. I’m applying to schools as a transfer right now and am hoping to be closer to home. I live in Cincinnati, OH. Preferably, they would have a senior showcase in NYC and/or LA.

Schools already on my list:

Baldwin Wallace

Any suggestions? Any big names I’m missing?

Not familiar with BFA programs, but it would help others who are if you could share what you dislike about your current program. That way they can direct you towards programs that might be more appealing to you. If your main complaint is location, then any located in the midwest would be fine.


check evansville. new school is definitely a different feel.

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My main issue with The New School is the lack of rigor. We take 1 acting class a semester and don’t have voice or movement. I want to go to a program that is actually challenging and acting-focused.


Then check each program you look at. Tampa, for example, my daughte’rs friend goes and all she’s doing is acting stuff as a freshman…my daughter says. Others might have more rigor.

In that field though you want a a liberal arts back up as it’s tough.

Good luck.

CMU and Point Park in Pittsburgh. Ithaca and Syracuse if you don’t mind a little more distance. Both sons really liked DePaul. S21 almost went there for film.

Carnegie Mellon for sure. You have largely what I would call reach schools on your list. There are a ton of midwest schools that are going to have more in depth training (it sounds like that is what you are kind of looking for). Check out the musical theater major threads for ideas. Most schools with an MT BFA also have acting. There is a really good new website that has a searchable function that is mentioned in a bunch of the the treads but I can’t seem to set my hands on it right now.

Here are some off the top of my head:
Emerson College
Boston University

Here is the link I was thinking of

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I would add Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan to your list. They are building a brand new facility and have a wonderful national reputation.

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Are you auditioning this year or next year?
If this year, most of the deadlines have passed. Which schools are you most excited about?
Sorry to hear about New School btw.

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I respect the fact that you’re disillusioned with The New School.

I’d like to learn more about what happens there. In the catalogue, I see multiple movement and voice classes along with the statement that students can take courses at any college in the university. The advising system seems to be central to course selection. Has that been a problem?

I wonder if your course limitations this year are due to the fact that you’re a freshman. Are their core distribution requirements in freshman year? Will your access to courses in your areas of interest increase in future years?

I hope that when you transfer, you will have assurances that things will be different at the next college.

I truly sympathize with you for having such a disappointing freshman year.