Top Ten Words to the Wise for R-day

<p>For the benefit of the incoming class, members of the Class of 2009 have kindly compiled the following "words to the wise"</p>

<p>The Top 10 "Things I Would Have Done Differently on R-Day"</p>

<p>I would have worn shoes I could run in.
I would not have worn a shirt that said Superman.
I would not have brought 6 suitcases…just more underwear.
I would not have let my mom call me “pumpkin” in front of the 2/C.
I would not have boasted about how many pushups I could do.
I would have learned how to get "in step" faster.
I would have shaved my mullet.
I would have doubly reinforced my weak suitcase handle with more duct tape.
I would have given my girlfriend her goodbye kiss before arriving to check in.
I would have eaten a good meal and drank plenty of water before reporting.</p>