Top Universities in India……..

<p>For a business major (BBA degree), which university would be regarded as the best in India? Please rank these or other better alternatives (if any)……</p>

<p>Delhi University
Pune University
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Bangalore University</p>

<p>IIPM (New Delhi)

<p>Dont forget the Indian School of Business, they're decent too, but there's no undergrad program.</p>

<p>^Because Indian schools have one hell of a reputation.</p>

<p>^Which is sometimes not quite true. :)</p>

<p>^I second Ajay :)</p>

<p>I do agree that some schools' reputations are completely blown out of proportion, but not all of them are bad.</p>

<p>India doesn't really advertise or promote education for international students..
That hasn't started happening yet.The education in some of those institutions is exceptionally good though.</p>

<p>Its not like there's no effort, there is some effort going on, for example the JEE has starting having its exam abroad in Dubai since 2007 and Singapore this year, but in comparison to the kind of push other countries are making, its totally fades away.</p>

<li><p>The demand for seats in quality institutes by local students is greatly unsatisfied, so that's the priority for now, internationals get neglected because of that.</p></li>
<li><p>India, being India, doesn't appeal to first-world residents, lets face it, this isn't a very developed country and there are problems with basic things like infrastructure, law and order, etc.</p></li>

<p>But for what you asked, the only university from your list that I've heard of is Delhi University.</p>

<p>@powergrid1990: Perhaps the need to advertise hasnt really been that demanding till now. But there are quite a handful of internationals here in India too. Just that our country's population is more than enough to fill all the vacancies, considering that for admission to institutes like the IIT's roughly 300000 students prepare real hard and slog for at least 2 years(mostly) to secure one among the 2000 or so spots available. But the standard of education is pretty good here, just that its more academic than holistic.. That seems to be one drawback when compared to education from universities abroad where wide ranging opportunities for other activities like research and job placements are more available</p>

<p>correct me if i m wrong(i may be , i m not indian).....getting into iits is harder than getting into the likes of MIT or Harvard.........Or in other words MIT/ Harvard are the safeties for IITS???????????</p>

<p>That's a naive way of looking at it, Harvard may have a 9% acceptance rate to IIT's 2%, but about 75% of Harvard applicants would think they have a shot at Harvard. Everybody takes the IIT exam though, I would guess say 20,000 IIT applicants really know they deserve to get into an IIT.</p>

<p>^ The same thing that plagues Nepal's IOM and IOE. I had given IOM entrance myself without even a line of studying just because my parents somewhat forced me to.</p>

<p>true- and ever since IIT's made their paper objective- a lot of people give it because they think they might get lucky by randomly ticking A, B,C,D :eek: !</p>