Transcript Help... for an upcoming SENIOR.

<p>Hello, I, at this time reside in the United States; I plan on moving to Canada in 2012 or either applying for Harvard when I graduate. I am worried about my transcript. I had skipped a year of high school, that is the only reason why I will become a senior this when school returns. I am in all honors classes...
Here is my transcript...
Eng I - A
Eng II - C
Eng III - B
Alg I part I - A
Alg I part II - A
World Geo - B
Biology - D
Biology H - B
Integrated Science - A
ROTC/Health - A
ROTC 1/2 - B
Leadership I - A
Leadership I - A
Aerospace Science 1/2 - P
Drivers Ed - P
Intermediate Comp - A
Transition to math Stud. II H - B
American History H - A
Geometry H - B
Civics H - D
ROTC/Health II - A</p>

<p>** My question is would Civics H, REGULAR Biology, and Eng II ruin my chances of attending a TOP IVY School?
Is my transcript bad?</p>

<p>for an ivy, i think it's like an automatic decline? lol idk
but yeah those D's aren't lookin too good :/ unless you got some good explaining and some amazeballs ec's</p>

<p>You're boned</p>