<p>What are we supposed to send colleges when they ask for an official transcript? For example in cbse, do we need to send them our board marks sheet?</p>

<p>It has to contain every grade/mark you got in every exam in every subject from the 9th to 12th grade.</p>

<p>so can we ask our school to create a transcript? or do we need the ones from the board?</p>

<p>Your school will have to create one for school marks. You will also have to send a xerox of your board marksheet signed by your counselor/principal.</p>

<p>^^I dont think it's marks for every exam. Its the final marks for each year.
@Anvesh- you need to have the final marks (and grade if its available) as well as the GPA (if available) for classes 9,10,11,12, in every subject.
Your Principal has to get it attested, and you need to put the school stamp/logo on it as well.
And a note in the end with some additional explanation could be added by the principal/counsellor (Ex. you came within the top 5% of your class/topped the class with rank x)
Hope that helps :)</p>

<p>Also, you do not need to send a xerox copy of the 10th board certificate. A statement in your transcript, attested, will do fine.
And this whole thing has to be done by your school, not the board.</p>

<p>What if I lived in the us for one of those years?</p>

<p>I dont think anything would change, expect the school logo on that page and a note from the principal/counselor of that school as well.</p>