Transfer Acceptances?

<p>So... I know that a vast majority of the people on this forum are freshman applicants, but I'm sure there are a few transfers too. That said, I know that even transfers start out as Freshmen in a BFA program, but there are a lot of BA programs too, and with many of them sending out acceptances already (UCLA and Emerson to name 2), I thought transfers should have a place to see what's happening and when.</p>

<p>Colleges I've applied to (for Acting, unless otherwise noted):
Northwestern (BA) - Unknown
Emerson (BA) - General acceptances sent, but no info on transfers.
UCLA (BA) - General acceptances sent, transfers wait till the end of April to hear.
SUNY Purchase (BFA) - Accepted.
Carnegie Mellon (Directing BFA) - Unknown
Boston U. (BFA) - Unknown
NYU (BFA) - Unknown</p>

<p>If you have information from these or other schools, or simply have dates for when freshman acceptances go out, feel free to post. It's incredibly frustrating to see people getting acceptances at some of these schools and know nothing myself (even rejection would be fine), especially because I'm on a tight budget and the longer I wait, the more expensive flights are going to be lol... So feel free to provide info, rant, gripe, etc.</p>


<p>Where do you live atopthefence? I have auditioned for Purchase in LA as a transfer, and still have yet to hear from them.
Still haven't heard from:</p>

Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>I live in CA, and I just called Emerson, and was told that transfers won't find out till late April/ early May. The woman i spoke with said she transfered in to the BA acting program as well and found out the 2nd week of May. It is on rolling acceptances though, so it is very possible for it to take more and/or less time.</p>

<p>Northwestern's phone recording said that admissions decisions will go out by the end of March... let's hope they'll include transfers.</p>

<p>I'm getting increasingly annoyed by the difference acceptance dates between transfers and freshmen. Especially because the deadline for both is May 1st. I'm not gonna give up an acceptance to a prestigious BFA program just so i can KNOW whether i get into another school... Fortunately i don't think NYU, CM or BU have sent any acceptances put yet... but we'll see!</p>

<p>P.S. I read a few people got waitlist letters in today's mail... hopefully you'll find some good news?</p>

<p>Just resurrecting this post... still haven't found out anything. But apparently some NYU acceptances went out today? Hopefully more go out soon!</p>

<p>Transfer auditioned at BU already? I'm a transfer in the class of '14 if you have any questions feel free to ask!</p>

<p>Yeah, i've already auditioned. As far as i know, all the BU auditions are done. I think my main questions would have to be with double majoring, minoring, and when the heck were you notified (in relation to the freshman applicants). Because it seems that a pattern of freshmen first, transfers later (even for BFA programs) is emerging... unless i'm jus being impatient, which is also probable lol</p>

<p>there is actually a separate audition at the end of april for transfer only, no freshmen. as far as notifications go, i will tell you that i personally found out 5 days after my audition because i wasn't waiting for admissions to receive my spring semester grades. (i was only in school for one semester previously) otherwise, they do let transfers know later than freshmen simply because they are waiting for admissions to receive those current semester grades. if you aren't in school this semester, i would call the admissions office and let them know, and they'll get to you sooner. </p>

<p>Double majoring is super ambitious, but it can be done as a transfer possibly in the theatre arts track. minoring is possible in both tracks as a transfer, but easier in theatre arts.</p>

<p>I acually called today and they told me I would be notified in mid May. They made no mention of grades, and no mention of Spring grades... I have a 4.0 with 69 semester units, so I don't think grades are the issue, but the admissions rep i talked to said he put me on a list to hopefully find out a bit sooner. But he basically said that I'll have to submit a deposit to the school i was accepted to (deadline May 1), and if i'm admitted, and want to go, then i'll have to forfeit that money and put in a second housing deposit... This is incredibly annoying and going to cost me a good chuck of money...</p>

<p>Not only BU notifies in May though... NYU (BFA) and Emerson (BA) do as well. I'm just confused as to why they would force people like me to do this...</p>

<p>So, have any of the transfer gotten acceptances from the big universities yet? I got waitlisted at Suny Purchase, rejected at Carnegie, but that's about it so far.</p>

<p>UCLA just put up their transfer decisions.</p>

<p>I got rejected :/ Any transfers get in?</p>

<p>Rejected as well :/</p>

<p>rejected at UCLA here too... and just to update, rejected from Carnegie and BU too.</p>

<p>I visited BU and asked them for a decision and got one the following morning lol...</p>

<p>I also learned during my trip that while it may be hard for freshmen to get into drama programs, it is at LEAST twice as hard for transfers to get in... UGH...</p>

<p>atopthefence - you did get into SUNY Purchase so you should be very proud of that acceptance - it's an excellent program at a reasonable price!</p>

<p>Its all good guys. At the orientation when he said they were only accepting 30 spots and only 6 acting spots out of that I figured that it was a long shot.</p>

<p>Yeah... still waiting on NYU, Emerson and Northwestern. We'll see what happens, but NU said their decisions dont go out till late May early June... this is ridiculous lol</p>

<p>I'm still baffled as to why transfers are the last admitted, and the last to receive financial aid... Shouldn't it be that we are shown some preference because we are committed to continuing an education? Bleh... lol</p>

<p>And yes, I am very happy to be admitted to Purchase, but seeing as their deadline for notification is May 1st, I'll have to submit a deposit, and then forfeit it if i want to go somewhere else... And that makes me happy because i enjoy wasting money =P</p>

<p>Are you holding out for a university you would like to go to more than Purchase atopthefence? SUNY is about my top choice personally, I'd be very excited if I were accepted.</p>

<p>I'm a transfer from SUNY Fredonia's BA theatre program and I've been waitlisted for acting to Purchase. Is it possible this is the week of letting us know if we're off the waitlist? I feel like if they see who didn't send in their deposits today, shouldn't they start calling tomorrow? Or am I being a little impatient and that's not how it works? I'm going crazy over here!</p>

<p>I honestly don't know. Haven't received any calls since May 1st myself either.</p>

<p>I got the call today, moved up from the waitlist at SUNY Purchase. I'm accepted! I'm so happy :D</p>

<p>Joehascol - congratulations on your acceptance to SUNY Purchase!</p>