Transfer Advice!

<p>I'm trying to decide between transferring from Trinity College (CT) to UNC Chapel Hill. Trinity doesn't have my major but I'm not 100% sure I want to leave, I like the school. Is UNC's reputation worth the change? I keep swaying both ways so I wanted advice.</p>

<p>really depends on your major. If you are looking to escape the liberal arts core to do something more professional for your undergrad (business, nursing, engineering, pharm...etc.) I would transfer. But if you are switching to a relatively similar major, or something in the liberal arts I would stay. Not worth it if you are happy! Your major won't matter too much :)</p>

<p>I say if you're happy there, stick with it. Don't worry about reputation too much either, Trinity is known as a great school. And if you really want to get involved in that major, there is always grad school, which would be the more official experience of the intended field of study anyway.</p>

<p>Thank you both for your reply! I'm looking to major in chinese with a minor in economics. our chinese program is good but we don't have that as a choice. At Trinity I could do a two-language major, but I don't see myself wanting to commit to another language.</p>