Transfer application

In the AIS, it shows that my daughter was not accepted and it removed her first choice major from her application. However, her second choice major is now listed as both first and second choice…does that mean that they (second choice) could be reviewing her application now? We are trying to determine if there is still a chance for Spring admission.

They are both in the same department (BS in Psychology and BA in Psychology), so if they denied her admission based on the “in progress” classes that are not finished for the BS, I can’t imagine that they would admit her under the BA, which has the same “required” coursework for admission. Any thoughts?

Honestly, we are assuming the denial was based on her “in progress” classes because otherwise, I would think she is a strong candidate for admission. She has 29 transferable hours with a 3.76 college GPA. She made a 31 on her ACT, graduated in the top 10% of her high school class at a 5A school, and was very involved with athletics and extracurricular activities, had a strong essay, etc.

Thanks for your insight!

@rogersroost Oh no… it’s highly recommended not to apply for the same major with BS vs. BA being the only difference. It’s very rare if not impossible to get denied by one and accepted by the other. I’ll reach out to my friend who is an advisor in this dept.

But yes typically if you go from first choice to only second choice being shown, then you’ve been denied by first and being reviewed by second.

spoke to my advisor in psych. She said definitely doesn’t work like that for them. She said best choice for 2nd major is sociology. Same but different and looked at and reviewed differently unlike BS vs BA in psychology.

Thank you SO much for your advice! She actually considered SocIology as her second choice, but has not completed General Sociology yet, so probably wouldn’t be accepted there either.

She was initially planning to go into nursing and has been taking all of these classes towards that end, so she hasn’t taken some basic stuff that she needs. She decided early in this semester that she wants to pursue her real passion (working with foster and adoptive services) instead of nursing, which she just saw as a job, not a passion. But, ugh… this major change has messed her up on her timing.

I wonder if she can change her second choice major on her application at this point, since they have extended the application period until the end of the month. If not, I guess she will know better for next application period. Live and learn huh?

OOh… I would totally try it. You’re already at a no, so why not change it? Worst case, maybe she can apply for summer admission. I’m sure there is more she can take in the spring to move her along her degree plan. And if she has things in progress, then they would defer her for spring grades.

May look at a minimester during the winter break too…