Transfer from IIT to a US University

Hello everyone
I am a student from India currently a freshman from IIT Delhi ( Indian Institute of Technology) ( Class of 2022) . I am doing my bachelors in Chemical Engineering.

I am looking to transfer to a US university.
I will be only be able to attend College with financial aid and therefore the number of colleges are very limited I guess.

Credentials -
I have cleared JEE Mains and Advanced with ranks of 700 and 1800 among 1.4 million students. ( i.e. top 0.1% )
I am also a KVPY fellow, which is a prestigious government scholarship given to top 0.1% students in India.
Class XII - 96% and Class X - 10 CGPA
I have cleared National Level Olympiads for Astronomy and Computing (NSEA and ZCO)
I have participated in lots of Extra Curricular activities including Quizzing, Debating, Dancing, Essay writing
I have also participated in the Regional Science Exhibition and won several Science Quizzes and Exhibitions.
I have a keen interest in CS and have been the IT Minister of the student council and cleared Google Foobar challenge.
I am expecting a 9+ CGPA in my first semester and also got 800 in practice subject tests. ( Both are only expected results)
I can get great recommendations from my school teachers but not so sure about college as it has only been 3 weeks.

  1. Do I stand a chance in top US universities ( MIT/ Stanford/ Princeton / Yale/ Cornell) given that I need financial Aid and want to major in Computer Science?
  2. And is it easier getting into any other major or that does not matter?
  3. Also, I want to know that financial aid typically offered covers how much of the total fees?
  4. Is it worth transferring from IIT to a US university as Indian colleges are very cheap?
  5. What score should I target in SAT/ACT?
  6. Is ACT equivalent to SATs or SATs are preferred?

Any other help will be highly appreciated

Any sort of advice will help :slight_smile:

Honestly don’t know why you would want to transfer from IIT when you are already in such a good school. Perhaps consider going abroad for graduate school.

The good news is that I am pretty sure that the schools that you mentioned (MIT/ Stanford/ Princeton / Yale/ Cornell) are all need blind (meaning that they do not consider your financial need when you apply), and meet “full need” for all undergraduate students.

One piece of bad news is that these schools are exceptionally difficult to get into, and even more difficult for international students, and also even more difficult for transfer students (except maybe for students from a NY community college to Cornell, which doesn’t apply to you).

Another piece of bad news is that these schools will meet only what they consider to be “full need”. You can run the “net price calculator” for each school to get a guess regarding how much you might get in aid in the unlikely event that you can get into any of them.

You could apply, but definitely do not get your hopes up and plan to remain where you are (at a very good university) through your bachelor’s degree unless something unlikely happens.

I think that @raclut is right that you could consider these schools for graduate school. However, getting aid for a master’s might be iffy. I am not sure what the likelihood is for financial aid from any of these schools for a master’s degree. If you go as far as a PhD, and if you are admitted, then financial aid is possible.

MIT at least does not consider you major for admissions. I am not sure about the other schools on your list.

He wants to or wanted to do study CS but got into IIT Delhi for Chemical Engineering. You do not choose your major, your major is allotted to you through your rank