Transfer From USC to Cornell?

I am currently a freshman at USC studying business with a minor in communication design, but I also have a Transfer Option Spot at Cornell. I absolutely LOVE usc and have had soooooo much fun this past semester going to football games, the beach, frat parties, dtla, clubs, hikes,musems ect. . and made some AMAZING friends, and seriously have had THE BEST TIME SOCIALLY but the more classes I take the more I realize I am not being educationally stimulated. I’ve always wanted to go into fashion and thought that having a business major with a design(not fashion) minor would fulfill my need for a creative outlet but unfortunately its not. I really want to be a fashion designer and USC doesn’t offer ANY classes in Fashion design, but Cornell has a Fashion Design major. I’m worried that Cornell although will give me the education I crave will be a hard transition socially. I LOVE LA and being in a big city and I’m worried that being in Ithaca and the hardcore studying at Cornell will just be plain depressing and losing the atmosphere of USC will be such a letdown. On the flip side though, at USC I feel like I’m working towards a degree that won’t get me anywhere I want to go. I don’t really like any of my classes and none of the classes here excite me the way that fashion design does. I’m so bored in my classes I come home from them just unmotivated and don’t think that this will improve. I really don’t know what the best plan of action is, and I need to make a decision soon.

I also go to USC and am in this exact situation!!! We sound like the same person this is crazy. Please respond and let’s chat.

Hey that’s crazy, its nice to know someone else is in the same boat!

What year are you?

there are a lot better colleges/institutions with fashion majors. as you probably know, fashion is an insanely competitive industry and you need to go somewhere that will open the door for you in terms of connections. you should definitely look into parson’s and FIT in ny

whatt I’m now in the same boat as well!!! Please tell me your decision