Transfer help

It’s weird.
I have A’s in the Transferable classes to UCs but I was careless on the classes that are non-transferable and got some B’s.
So, therefore I have 4.0 transferable GPA (technically in the current transcript).
(IDK what i’ll get next year, but I hope to maintain A’s)

Here is my question:
UCs do not take non-transferable classes into an account. However, they DO look at the full transcript.
But, my cumulative GPA is lower than my transferable GPA.
Would it affect my transfer chance in future?

No, unless you retook those class.

Thank you for your quick reply.

What if they tell me to explain B’s in the classes that are less challenging? :frowning:
For ex) Got A in the first Calculus, but I got B in Trigonometry.
It’ll confuse them for sure.

They’ll see the grades (since you have to report everything), but they don’t factor into GPA. I wouldn’t even explain it.

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Oh. Thank you! This is first time visiting this site. Thank you very much.