Transfer option class of 2023 at Cornell

Still trying to wrap our arms around a TO from Human Ecology. Any insights and support will be appreciated.

TO is definitely better than waitlist as you are most likely guaranteed a placement for the next starting year! You should be proud honestly. I didn’t have that much luck and got waitlisted sadly under CALS. But good job and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any idea how many people that are on the waitlist for freshman year get offered a TO spot?

Per the admit office approximately 100 students were offered a transfer in sophomore year. Last year they extended the offer to 600. Very competitive this year overall.

Does anyone get offered a TO spot for Sophomore year without getting put on the waitlist for Freshman year?

@mindboggled --I have not been following admissions releases closely this year, so wanted to ask if you had a link to the admissions announcement of only 100 transfer options this year.

I did see mention of only 50 Jan starts this year whereas I thought that program had a target of 125 or 150 when it was first announced several years ago.

I believe that there have been as many as 500 transfers historically, but I have not focused on the numbers recently.


^^last year I was waitlisted for CALS and got offered the TO in early June! theres still hope :slight_smile:

@CT1417 I called the admissions office at Cornell and this was a verbal statistic I was given. The individual said last year they offered to btwn 500-600 students a Transfer Option. This year to only 100. You could call them to confirm.

Hey! Did anyone’s Transfer option come in as an “Encourage to Transfer”, or did I get something else?

@burfus91 yes, my daughter got a TO without being waitlisted for ILR. However, it may be better to be on the waitlist because I thought I read somewhere that those that do not get off the waitlist will be offered a TO.

“most likely guaranteed a placement” is incorrect

You are officially guaranteed a spot for the following Fall semester provided you meet all the terms of your Transfer Option letter. This would include for example: 3.5 GPA, no lower than a B grade in any class, take all the required classes the letter specifies, maintain good academic standing, etc etc

If you check the boxes then you are in, an administrative application only . . .

Your GPA from your first school will not count towards your Cornell GPA however

Each Cornell undergraduate school will have a FAQ

Good luck!

“Does anyone get offered a TO spot for Sophomore year without getting put on the waitlist for Freshman year?”

Yes, in the case of my child . . . they were offered a TO spot for Sophomore year despite not making the waitlist for this year at all . . .

Check your child’s email for communication from Cornell in early April or later, after regular decisions are posted . . .

I was also given a TO for ILR Class of 2023. Anyone else? Let’s talk.

@monterajand , my daughter also got TO option for ILR 2023 and accepted it.

The TO guarantees you admission the following year, contingent on meeting the GPA requirements stated in the letter. They are strictly enforced for your first semester grades.

Does anyone know what the TO application is like? I know it is abbreviated, but do you have to write personal statements etc again?

I think it would be beneficial to start a Cornell TO Class of 2023 group chat. I am making one on facebook unless someone else has a better idea.

hey everyone, I just created a FB group called “Cornell University Class of 2023: Transfer Option” please join the group so we can ask questions and all learn about this whole process together! :))

Did anyone hear of a CALS “open house” day or something from Cornell. Idk if it’s true or not but do they have those kind of things??