Accepted to Mount Holyoke!

accepted to Fordham!!!

Hi everyone!
I am new to this site, so apologies if I am writing this in the wrong place. I am wait listed for CSU Long Beach and I want to go there so bad! I wanted to know if anyone had any insight on when wait listed students will begin to get picked-up? Like maybe someone knows when accepted students will have to make their decisions? Does anyone know if it truly takes until the end of June to be picked-up?
Thank you!
Major: Kinesiology
GPA: 3.09 CSU
Student: Transfer (with Associates in Kinesiology)
Admitted: SSU, CSU LA
Pending: CSUF and CSU LB

@jojowetzz I was accepted into Fordham too. It’s way too expensive though

@jojowetzz @ArmaanCH when did y’all submit your apps (or have them marked as completed)? I’m still waiting to hear from mine…
In the meantime accepted to American though!
(I’ll do a full write-up of my transfer stats/schools/process soon).

Hopefully this will be helpful to other transfers in the future, so here goes my info!

I’m attending one of the smaller 4-yr SUNY schools (New York state school system) which has a huge arts focus (it has conservatories across the spectrum of the arts).

I came here at the end of HS bc i was accepted for their Theatre BA program, but once here quickly became disillusioned with the lack of academic rigor (most classes require minimal effort and are easy compared to my HS which was top 25 in the US) among other things.

re HS: Basically, bc of neuroatypical-related issues, I messed up my senior year college process (only applied to safeties, which were all SUNYs, and dreams with slim realistic chance of getting in). So I’m taking the opportunity to redo the college process and basically “do it right”!

I don’t have “safeties” on the list because if I do end up staying where I am, I can graduate in 3 years instead of four (currently a first year college student with second-sem sophomore standing bc APs checked off almost all my GenEds).

Major: currently 1)Theatre & Performance and 2)Political Science (applied with Poli Sci/Intl Relations as primary major)
GPA: 3.5 (3.36 in the fall but bumped up with a 4.0 in winter course).
Midterm report: straight As in 7 courses (taking 24 credits, including a TA position with the poli sci prof who wrote my rec).
Applied to: (waiting to hear from all but American)
American U (accepted to SPA for Poli Sci)
Fordham U (applied for freshman, denied),
NYU (applied Tisch as freshman, denied; applying CAS now)
Vanderbilt U (applied for freshman, denied EDII)
Boston U, Columbia U, Cornell U, George Washington U, Tufts U, U of Notre Dame. (10 schools total)

(when I’m brutally realistic with myself and my HS record, I know that a bunch of these are gonna be denials like Vandy, Columbia, Cornell, Tufts, & ND, but I thought I’d throw it all against the wall if I’m transferring anyway and see if any of the schools stick, especially bc a lot of these schools have much higher transf accep rates than for freshmen).

HS stuff:
SAT: 2020; SAT II Lit 770; SAT II USH 710; B- average in HS (terrible grades mixed with good ones, but my HS doesn’t calc GPA). 4s on humanities/soc sci APs & Spanish Language (5). (1 on Stats AP lol).
AP Scholar Award in 2015, AP Scholar with Distinction in 2016.
various leadership positions in extracurrics (did theatre in HS, captain varsity softball, co-prez cultural club).
volunteered at the NYPL senior year.

I was super candid in my essays about how my depression/neuroatypicality affected me a lot in HS, how I thought I wanted to go to an arts school but realized I don’t, how I suck at most kinds of math, and how I’ve basically rebuilt my confidence in myself academically this year (bc I knew from the get go that this would be so much easier than HS, where ~75% of the graduating class goes to Ivies & top tiers/highly selectives).

@igotsunshine111 I submitted my application on the 18th of February but I believe it was completed around the early march. 1st probably. Got acceptance about two weeks later with housing. It does cost 70,000 though so make sure you can afford that or if you’re an NY resident.

@igotsunshine111 I submitted my application after march 1st… maybe around the 5th or 6th. I didnt ever complete my application though becuase my midterm grades just became available on thursday… so I dont really know why they evaluated my application haah!

@jojowetzz the same thing basically happened to me, along the same timeline too, so I wonder(/hope) that I will get my decision soon!

@ArmaanCH yeah lol the pricetag is a real factor with Fordham, but I live in the city so I could theoretically go without housing (even though I applied to LC with it, bc the views from that highrise are gorgeous).

…you don’t think they’d post decisions on a weekend, do you? (purely me being impatient lol)

Hi ~
Major: Aerospace Engineering
GPA: 3.90
Applied: CSULB, UCLA, Cal Poly SLO, USC
Might apply to: IIT, FIT
Admitted: CSULB
Waitlisted: Cal Poly SLO :((
Pending: UCLA, USC
Rejected: Nowhere… yet.

I actually wish I applied to more places. I wanted to stay in state, but now I regret not taking a chance on some other schools.

@igotsunshine111 ahahah I haven’t received an admission decision from any college during the weekend. I applied to Rose Hill though. That could be a reason why I received a decision faster? Just spitballing here :P. If I decide on Fordham I would have to take out a loan which is not something I want to do. Well, we’ll see though! Good Luck! Hope you get in

I think the way this thread is organized rn is too messy. You should post in this thread only after you hear back from all your colleges. That way one can easily look at stats and see where you got in. The college specific threads are a good place to share our communal anxiety, but this threat should be geared to the benefit of future transfers. I know I am contributing to problem with this post, but it has to be said.

Hello! Does anyone know when we will hear back about decisions?

Update: rejected from Skidmore. It came as a shock tbh because I thought I was within the range of above average, but I guess it’s a lot harder to get into this year. They spelled admission wrong though so I asked myself if it was legit or not.

So I have been browsing this website since junior year in high school so it is exciting that I get to make one of these now.

Anyway here we go.

I’m a sophomore from a PA Community College. I am currently majoring in physics here.

I had a 3.45 GPA at the time of applying. I applied to my schools as an mechanical engineering/industrial engineering major.

High Schools Grades: Pretty Average had about somewhere around 80-82% GPA. Did take honors and AP classes.
SAT/ACT Scores: Also Average 1080 (Old Test) and 24 on ACT

EC: none (will be changing that when I transfer)

Letters of Recommendations: Several Cool Professors that I got As in their classes ,and I knew I worked hard in their classes.

Applied to:
Lafayette College
Temple University
Syracuse University
University of South Florida(cheap out-state tuition)
University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus
Drexel University
Illinois Institute of Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Rochester

Accepted: Temple University, Syracuse University, University of South Florida, Drexel University,Illinois Institute of Technology,Rochester Institute of Technology

Rejected: University of Rochester

Haven’t Heard Back From Yet (As of 4/13/2017): Lafayette College, University of Pittsburgh(waiting on spring grades).

A tip for future transfer students looking at this thread don’t be afraid to applied to “reach schools” you never know what is going to happen. Also don’t be discouraged if your SAT or ACT scores are low. Good Luck

did anybody apply for wake forest? Was the app due April 1st or is it rolling admissions after april 1st? super confused.

due April 1

College: OOS Public University
Transferring as: Junior
GPA: 3.5
HS GPA: 3.7
Major(s): Communications
Units completed: 65 semester units
First generation college student: Yes
Ethnicity/Gender: White female
Letters of Rec: 2: 1 from major advisor who also supervised my internship, 1 from professor in the only class I got a C in to explain the rather odd circumstances surrounding this grade

-HS Student Body Officer
-HS Clubs Commissioner
-HS Ambassador
-HS Cheer Captain
-HS Foreign language fluency program
-HS Study abroad
-HS Service immersion trips
-HS Club President
-HS Retreat Leader
-UNI Student Government Legislative Affairs
-UNI Sorority Involvement (committee chair, director position)
-UNI 1st Gen. Student Program
-UNI Internship for international non-profit org.
-Approx. 1,000 community service hours
-Attendee of various leadership programs

Applied to:
My one and only dream school, Santa Clara University


did anybody else apply for fall admission to university of maryland?

Update: accepted to University of Maryland College Park and Connecticut College. Anybody else getting acceptances?!?