Transfer to BA/BFA Theatre Performance? We'd welcome your thoughts.

<p>Hello all. I'm so pleased to find this site! I'm hoping to get some info and assistance about my daughter's wish to transfer out of her current small, LAC to a program/school with musical theatre opportunities and training, but also more theatrical training in general. </p>

<p>Her high school grades and test scores are average: 3.2 GPA and about 1600 (SAT) and 26 (ACT). Training opportunities where we live are limited, but she worked with excellent vocal and dance teachers throughout high school, and was very active in the co-curricular theatre program at her high school. She recently played "Tracy" in a local--non-college-- production of "Hairspray" (Is that a "type" now? :)) -- and has stage-managed/assistant-directed at several local summer theatre camps. </p>

<p>I think she wants to just get her hands dirty with all sorts of theatrical experiences; definitely acting and musical theatre, but also stage management and directing, children's theatre and film...I think she's just realized what a big world it is out there, and what the possibilities might be for her if she follows her heart (rather than her fear, which is why she ended up where she is.) And we support her!</p>

<p>Additionally, her college grades reflect her ambivalence--not as strong as high school.</p>

<p>So...your posts about strong BA programs have been very helpful, so have posts about less competitive colleges. I'd love to hear more about programs in the Northeast and Mid-atlantic regions. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>I would strongly recommend you look at the University of Rhode Island. It has a BFA program which includes all aspects of theatre, including an MT concentration. There is no audition required, and your D's academic stats are perfect for admission there. Several CC families have been very happy with the school and the program.</p>

<p>It is not in a city, but it has easy train access to Providence (which has several wonderful theatre companies) and Boston (both within 1 hour) and also NYC. The University of New Hampshire also has very nice programs, not a BFA but good training opportunities and exciting extras like circus performing and youth theatre.</p>

<p>You might also look into Temple University, which has a nonauditioned Theater Arts BA. Your daughter's stats would probably be fine at Temple. We live in Philadelphia and have just started exploring Temple-- originally as a non-auditioned safety, but we like what we see so it has risen up on the list. Location is a negative for us because my daughter wants to leave Philadelphia. However, she was impressed by the students and faculty.</p>

<p>As a transfer student her HS stats will not be as relevant (if relevant at all). What is her college GPA? Is she looking for schools in a particular part of the country? :)</p>

<p>Her college stats are not stellar..probably 2.9. She would prefer to remain in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic region...maybe as far as Missouri or South Carolina!</p>