Transfer to UNC Chapel Hill? .. as an Out of state?

<p>I have read on many threads that it is easier to transfer to UNC as an out of state student but can't find the source on UNC's website or anything. Were any of you accepted as a transfer and could give out your profile (grades, ec's, residency, etc.)? </p>

<p>I would appreciate it so much!

<p>It's easier to transfer to UNC in general. It's not necessarily easier if you're out of state, but you have a better shot than when applying for your first year (there's a cap on the amount of OOS students that can be accepted during regular admission).</p>

<p>^Ditto. </p>

<p>You don't have any sort of advantage being an OOS transfer to UNC, but you're definitely not at a disadvantage since there's no caps for OOS transfers - which can't be said for some other universities. I think Julie addressed this somewhere in the UNC</a> blog.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>