Transfer Uncertainty in the Age of Covid

With so much quarantine and economic uncertainty in the age of Covid, articles have appeared showing an increase of transfers to local colleges due to parents losing their jobs and being left unable to pay for the expensive tuition or students finding the university lackluster and deciding to stay local since they didn’t get to know the college they got accepted to. Do you think that with an increase in Transfers to local or state universities will MIT see a loss of undergraduates forcing them to accept more transfer student? “articles for those interested”

I suppose it could happen but I would think it unlikely. MIT is a unique college that transferring just doesn’t sound like an option.

Perhaps it will depend on how many sophomores left and are coming back to join the class of 2024. Did MIT anounce how many upperclass students took leaves? Maybe the transferring into junior year will be better than transferring into sophomore year assuming way more current sophomores took leave than current juniors. For class of 2024 MIT said they have about 1080 enrolled and they did not accept any wait list students although the class is on the low side. However if they have several sophomores that took leave then this class will be more than full so high transferring rate looks unlikely. No idea on numbers for junior transfers though.