Transferring 2021-22

Hi all,
Unfortunately due to the pandemic and not being able to find a co signer for a student loan, I have decided to take the academic year at home, at Lake Michigan College, in hopes to save some money and build my credit score up so I can get a loan by next fall to attend Michigan State University. My question though is what are my odds of being able to successfully transfer after meeting the 28 credit requirement along with the math and writing class credit requirements? I was accepted to MSU in early March of this year and had enrolled in classes before I found out about the loan issues. Is there a higher chance that I will be accepted on transfer if I was previously accepted and complete all requirements? Is it hard getting in as a sophomore transfer? I plan to apply to transfer to MSU as a sophomore at the end of my first semester and send them my spring semester transcript once I complete the remaining credit hours. Also, according to the university COVID response page, you can defer up to one year, can I still complete credits at LMC and be okay as a deferred admittance into sophomore year or will they start me at the beginning? Thanks!