Transferring as an Incoming Sophomore

<p>I'm a freshman at another university, and I want to transfer to Texas A&M for Fall 2012. On the site, it says that the applicant must have 24 hours of transferable coursework to even be considered by the application deadline. I will have 35 credits at the end of this semester, but right now I only have 20 since I haven't finished my second semester yet. Would I still be apply to even apply? What are people's experiences on this?</p>

<p>unless you already have 24 hours at the time of applying I was understood that you wouldn’t be considered? But I could be wrong. The application for the summer 2012 and the fall 2012 both end on March 15th. and I know that for the Fall they usually wait till spring grades can be sent to them for them to see if they’ll admit you or not. but you could still try for the fall and hope that they could wait to see your spring grades so you’ll have the hour requirement
You should call the admission office and ask them, they’re really helpful</p>

<p>Go ahead and apply, I know some other people that are in the same situation as you and are doing the same. Since you do not have the required hours your application will go under review during the spring admissions cycle, and then after your spring grades are posted you can contact A&M and have them review your application then and if there is room left in your program and you meet the requirements they can acccept you then. What major are you applying for exactly?</p>

<p>Well, ideally I wanted to go into “Visualization,” but that is such a selective major so there’s no chance of me getting in it right now with my credits. My second choice is “Telecommunication Media Studies.”</p>