Transferring from KAIST to a U.S. uni

I am an international student in KAIST currently, and I am considering transferring to a university in America after I finish my second year here. I don’t think a lot of students from KAIST actually transferred, so I don’t have any information on whether it’s possible for me to transfer to an American uni. I have a green card. I have 3.7/4.3 GPA in KAIST, and I have a TOEFL score of 113. My safety schools are university of Wisconsin and UVA. I am not so sure if I can even get into those:( I am aiming for umich and Cornell, they are both my dream universities and it would be amazing if I got a chance to study in either of these schools! My major is computer science and I have related research experiences as well as related work experiences. I would probably be able to publish my research once I finish it. My research advisor is pretty optimistic about it. Has anyone ever tried transferring from SNU or KAIST to America uni, can you guys give me any advice? Your help is MUCH appreciated, thank you very much~

U Wisconsin and UVA are not safeties, especially for CS, even for a student with a 3.7 GPA.
A key issue is whether your parents can afford to be full pay, since international transfers get no (or minimal)aid even at school that meet full need.


I agree that U.Wisconsin and UVA are not safeties.

U.Mass Amherst is also quite good for computer science and might be a bit more likely for admission.

However, another option to seriously consider is to complete your bachelor’s degree at KAIST, and then apply for a master’s degree in the US.

Also, do not count on being able to stay in the US after graduating from university in the US. If you tell US immigration that you intend to stay in the US after graduation then you are likely to be rejected for your student visa.

Just realized you’ve got a green card, so you’d be eligible for federal loan ($7,500) but still, transfers get lousy aid so the financial issue will be crucial.

If I can’t get into Uwisc or UVA, then I think I am just going to complete my bachelor’s degree here at KAIST. Thank you very much for your advice!

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Money is really not a problem for me, getting in is :frowning: Thank you very much for your advice!

Well, that’s very good news.
What about UMD CP, UMass Amherst, or Case Western Reserve?

Yes, these are all great universities as well! I am definitely applying to Case Western Reserve and UMass Amherst, but I probably won’t apply to UMD CP because I have heard that it’s pretty unsafe there.

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