Transferring from Riverside City College to UCLA

Ucla has always been my dream (i knew it was unrealistic) but during my first two years of high school i was extremely lazy. I am a senior now and have straight A’s. Last year as a junior i had straight A’s and one C in math.

I know that i obviously can’t get into UCLA with my current high school grades, lol. but i was reading the transfer eligibility list and i would have to get a 3.5 GPA in CC to have a good chance to be accepted, along with extracurriculars and what not.

If I maintain a 3.5, try my hardest, do my typical volunteer work, will I have a chance to be accepted? I know I am capable of having good grades, i was just a lazy, dumb 14 year old who thought she was too cool for school.

I want to major in sociology, btw.

Thank you for reading :x :x :x ;)) :-*

*I also did not meet my A-G requirements in high school. I am short a year on math. But that shouldn’t matter since I am going to transfer, right?

The fact that you could wake up and do well now means you have the motivation and ability to do it through a CC.
(But I do not know about the A-G requirement. Suggest you to ask @“aunt bea”)

As a transfer, your HS grades/test scores etc… will not be considered, only AP course credits if you want to use them towards the 60 semester/90 quarter CCC units required for transfer. I suggest you post in the UC transfer thread for more information:

Thank you!