Transferring from UBC to HKU

<p>Hi all!</p>

<p>I've been wanting to transfer from UBC Science and into one of the business programs offered at HKU. I realized what I really wanted for a career and to have the opportunity to move closer to home while studying would be ideal. Anybody have experience transferring from UBC into HKU?</p>

<p>I currently am entering my second year at UBC. The plan is to apply to HKU by the end of this year and make the switch to HKU in 2012 as a first year business student. I completed high school all in Vancouver but I was born in HK. Will I be considered as an international student or will that not factor into admissions as I am transferring from another university? I am able to speak Cantonese fluently and can speak Mandarin well to an extent; I can definitely be fluent at it with extensive practice. As for things outside of academia, I've played ice hockey for ten years and captained teams for a couple of seasons. I hold a part time job but definitely need to gain volunteering experience. I am not sure if these extra curricular activities will factor into the admissions process. </p>

<p>Any help, discussion, and sharing of personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!</p>